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  1. Faster Faster Faster
    Gonna be Late
    Great rootytoottoof
    Maple Syrup pancakes for breakfast
    Most Yum Son

  2. Happy Birthday Mr. Pinko! Did you catch my post regarding name dropping?! 🙂
    I dropped your name and was proud to have talked to you on the phone! Haha! 😉
    You are the biggest name-dropper I’ve ever known. And I love ya! Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Uh oh. Hope Moe Tom isn’t listening tonight. Pickle ball chatter is going to push him right over the edge! LOL!

  4. Tuesday Barr is going to be in the Senate for his conformation as AG should he be confirmed or not? He is a good friend of Meulher,is he going to cover for him or has P. Trump told him go after the bastards or I will fire you too. This crap has to stop.

  5. Found this there
    // NOTE: we’re using a randomized string that is sent with each pageview.
    // The string changes with each pageview, but this doesn’t matter
    // because we’re sending it to a session-scoped dimension.

    Link went to dec 2018 stream.
    Tonights not Live?
    Or is this one of those spooky flash back zones?

  6. Mike, Barr is a Bush retread. This could be a big mistake, the Dems are already asking him to recuse from all things Russia. Because of the story he wrote.
    Just want your guys thoughts.
    Need a link?

  7. When you have Andy McCarthy now saying that there is a
    “4th branch of the government” on Prager’s show that is a big deal.
    It means that former Justice Dept. people can see it for what is is. A witch hunt. It is going to get real soon. P. Trump has said that we will be surprised at the names of the people that are involved.

  8. Mr. Pinko,

    Thinking you might see this one so…

    Please correct/update your e-mail on contact page on this website. Tried the “” and it bounces or comes back with failure notice. Thanks…

    While I’m at it Mary Jane has no e-mail address at all unless I’m blind. MJA, please give us one…

    Don’t do any of the social media so it’s e-mail or nothing…

  9. Geoff, I like the heck out of Andrew McCarthy, but he also just said that the FBI believed the Trump Dossier to be true, otherwise it would not have gone forward. I call bullshit on that, everyone involved knew it to be fabrication and the intent was to bring Trump down. McCarthy lost some credibility with that nonsense.

  10. I’ve had two liberal friends bellyache to me in the past couple days about how TSA is going to ruin their vacations and travel because of “Trump’s shutdown.”

    One, going to Mexico, went on and on about “not getting through TSA!”

    The other, going to CA, said she was “scared to death!” to travel because someone got past TSA with a gun.

    Just read an article, citing real sources, that 1. The call-out rate of TSA on January 9th, 2019, was nearly 3 percentage points lower than the sick call-out rate on the same date in 2018 (when there was no shutdown). Also, an internal audit of TSA by external auditors showed that the TSA fail rate on catching guns and other weapons holds steady at about 80%.

    I just didn’t have the time to debate these things.

  11. Andrew is now on Trumps side he can see through the BS
    Joe all of the people he is talking about were or are his friends. He knows the truth, he is a not ready to go all in yet,just wait as more is uncovered he will come around.
    You need to listen to him now just like Levin he is on our side. He only new Trump from the media,that is all.

  12. Re: Barr’s appointment-
    I fear they will use Barr’s friendship with Mueller to get him through the approval process, then, once he is installed in office, they will say he has to recuse himself because he is such close friends with mueller.

  13. Honestly? I don’t trust — and probably will never trust — any of those 22 again. For reasons too numerous to list, all those geniuses should have seen why Trump was so wildly popular with the average conservative. And they kept this up all the way through to the convention — and many, like Kristol, way afterwards. I’m probably most disappointed with a real intellect like Sowell.

    Intellectual, yet idiots. “IYI”

  14. Do you all still listen to M. Levin and trust him?
    I trust McCarthy for one reason he is all about real justice. Yes he was wrong at the start but he has changed just like everyone who went all in for Cruz.

  15. I tried to get thru to 323 870 3371 at about 9.30 pm, several tomes, but was told ” the show dosen’t start for 15 minutes. Please call back.” Several times. WTF?

  16. Asking about Bezos was a really good foil for telling us all about your Hong Kong rich girl and Jackie Chan (haahha!, sure, sure). You’re so bad, Pinko.

    “Who is that guy with his arm around Harry?”


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