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40 Comments on LIVE TONIGHT 8:00pm EST – @Mr_Pinko & @MikeNordstrom3 on SPREAKER July 12th, 2018

  1. hello Mr.Pinko and Mr.Mike.
    I just love the way Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) put that sleazebag Strzok down today. Wiped the smirk off his face and sent the zombie demorats into a frenzie. Gohmert reminds me of my uncle Thomas who took no smart aleck
    crap from me when I worked on his farm during summer “holidays.” back in the fifties . Best holidays I ever had: weeding carrots and onions and then going fishing and swimming in the ocean off the S/W coast of Ireland.
    Gohmert pulled no punches on the lying cheat Strzok. This guy has destroyed the FBI. It will take years, and a total house cleaning to restore confidence in the agency. I know there are thousands of solid agents who would be willing to beat the piss out of Strzok. I just hope that President Trump can clean this up.
    I’ll let you go. God Bless.

  2. Moe Tom — always love your comments! Remember to phone in on Monday, always look forward to your stories.

  3. Mike, Nordstrom is a good Norse name! What you doin’ in Canada, you should be down here in flyover country or the woods of the NW. When are you going to get fed up and immigrate? (Though, I suppose grandparents are involved.)

  4. Nordstrom got its start in Seattle, WA as “Nordstrom Best” which was first best know for its shoes. In fact, they still give out a stuffed, blue critter called a “Nordy” (I think). Every Seattle mom gets their child’s first hard-soled shoes at Nordstrom. Since they made such a big deal about dropping Ivanka’s clothing/accessory line, I don’t shop there anymore.

  5. Mr. Pinko, Mr Mike. That would be County Kerry. My uncle owned the seven islands off the Kerry coast. Called the Seven Hogs. Look it up. They raised sheep on them. As a youngster I used to visit those Islands to tend the sheep. Sheer them etc. Also treat them for maggots. Horrible experience. The maggots would eat the flesh and my uncle had some sort of liquid made up of gasoline, bleech, and whiskey that he would pour on the maggots to kill them. Wish I had the recipe to pour on these demorat maggots in congress. Semper Fi.

  6. Hey guys P.Trump thrives on this, he knows how to deal with these people, he has been waiting for over 30 years to put his plan in action, and now we are living it. Happy. or Sad.
    He is kicking ass and taking names.

  7. As much as I totally detest congressional committee hearings — I sure do wish Trey Gowdy hadn’t dissed candidate Trump way back then. His legal mind is a steel trap, and he would make a phenomenal AG.

  8. Mr. P — I knew the guy who wrote the SOTU speech!

    “Who is that guy with his arm around Mr. Pinko?”


  9. AA, politely and respectfully disagree. His mind might be a steel trap but it looks to me like he has changed his priorities to doing what benefits Trey Gowdy. That’s fine, but I don’t think his motives are what we are looking for. Isn’t there someone from the military that is ready to step into the AG position? Somebody that really is ready to kick ass instead of pursuing the next sound bite?

  10. No! It was a water bottle! Please, let’s end the show on a brighter note! Pollyanna sez, “Today is another day that Hillary Rodham-Clinton IS NOT president!” Yayyyyy!

  11. @joe6pak — Yes, I agree w/you 100% But, all those things aside, he has my admiration for his razor-sharp thinking, questioning skills. You could just see Strozk getting hotter and hotter as Gowdy doesn’t even blink. He “crouches” like a performance car shifting into 5th.

  12. It’s not really Gowdy’s fault that nothing comes of these hearings. They’ve told us over and over again they have no ability to prosecute. They need a grand jury for this stuff. Though Gowdy should have thrown in with the Freedom Caucus, instead of trying to be neutral.

  13. Moe Tom — I think I forgot that. It’s the Nordstom name. I’m saying this as someone who lives just south of Snus Junction (aka Ballard), home of Seattle’s Norseski population.


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