Living in the left’s collective mind –Covfefe

Gee, it is really hard to figure out what covfefe means. Trump fat thumbs “covfefe” instead of “coverage,” tweets it out anyway, and the left has something to do with their miserable lives for the next 24 hours.


Donald Trump offered up some rare self-mockery on Wednesday in response to a storm of jokes about his unfinished tweet containing a typo “covfefe”.

The US president had left the the internet scrambling to decipher the meaning of the word on Tuesday night, before deleting his erroneous tweet and joining in the fun.

I would have loved it if Trump tweeted – “it’s obviously Russian code.”

Gizmodo skewers Amazon for jumping on the covfefe bandwagon.

Be the Saddest Guy in the Office With Amazon’s Embarrassing ‘Covfefe’ Swag

The loud man did a word bad on the internet and now you can buy an everything of it. Welcome to The Resistance™, we take credit or debit.

Marezilla has some interesting Covfefe coverage HERE

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  1. Covfefe
    Well I’m not letting the cat of the bag, it’s our secret and let the fake news media figure it out on their own or maybe they can get an unnamed source to fill in the blanks.
    Media idiots, they’ll never figure it out.

  2. Thanks for the linky love! I think covfefe means “f*ck it”, “the heck with it”, “whatever”, “que sera sera”, and so forth. I’m gonna use it that way, anyhow, covfefe.

  3. MSM: An obnoxiom provided by a fopdoodle and deviousest

    Translation: Objectionable content not based on anything of substantive merit except for a subjective opinion driven by extreme political bias from someone of little significance, but more devious than anyone else.

  4. Gizmodo took Amazon down a bit but it was after they essencially called Trump a “doddering old man with holes in his brain”. Screw them both.

  5. Oh yeah. Covfefe was all over my FB news feed. Generally, leftitards all said the same thing, “Ah. Time for another cup of covfefe.”

    Maybe Mary EngleNOTSObreit will make a T-shirt and a print! Yay! *gag*

  6. “Co-Fefe” is a RINO cuck. As in Yeb the cofefe asked the audience to laugh. John Boehner had lunch with cofefe Lindsey Graham. Juan McCofefe voted lockstep with Senator Kerry on the tax increase.

  7. As Covfefe’s go, I wanted a `67 from the get-go. An `81 or `82 would look mighty fine in my collection too.

    I preferred red in my younger years, but blue’s pretty swell too.

  8. Boy, they capitalized on it quickly. Like hawks on a field mouse.

    Look how even an errant tweet from him makes more jobs for America.

    Capitalism works!

    Would they be free to do this under the Communistic system they crave? No. Off to the gulag you greedy people!

  9. Of all my “wild and crazy covfefe’s ” in my misspent youth, I’ll never forget that all night covfefe with those three Brazilian girls at that beach shack in Rio…

  10. This is great, keep those idiots guessing
    and they will quickly forget Russia!
    Give us a new word every day Mr.


    Kara Swisher to Hillary at Ranco Palos Verdes
    Live on msNBC

    “I don’t know if you’re a Lizard or not”

    Wait For It

  12. It could be that “Covfefe” means shit. The prez was speaking about press coverage. Most press coverage is shit, therefore Covfefe=shit but I like PHenrys translation better. Lol!

  13. the greatest thing about this is that it puts the Kathy Griffin incident out to pasture and puts an end to her from even being a thought on any ones mind. i know what trumps up to and its working. it works for me too. now lets get back to our regularly scheduled program currently in progress.

  14. I think a “covfefe” is one of those stupid plastic horns that morons blast mindlessly and incessantly at public events, drowning out everything else and annoying everybody.

    oh, wait… that’s a “vuvuzela”. My bad.

    Turns out that a “covfefe” is one of those stupid plastic horns that morons blast mindlessly and incessantly at public events, drowning out everything else and annoying everybody.

    oh, wait… that’s a “vuvuzela”. My bad.

    A “covfefe” is one of those stupid plastic media horns than morons blast incessantly at the public, drowning out everything else and annoying everybody.

  15. The media are so Mean Girls, aren’t they? The Plastics, that is. Pretty soon they’ll all be cutting holes in the boob portions of their tee shirts. LOL Such lemmings.

    I love the word covfefe. It can mean anything. Sure made me laugh; just like when 4chan dismissed that guy with the oversized nipples. It’s such fifth grade humor.

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