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Liz Chaney’s Home State Censures Her

Daily Wire

Wyoming Republican officials voted to censure Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-WY), the state’s representative-at-large, for her decision to impeach former President Donald Trump for incitement of insurrection back in January, when he was still in office.

According to the Associated Press, an overwhelming majority of the Wyoming Republican Party’s Central Committee voted in favor of a censure resolution, which accused Cheney of voting for impeachment without a “formal hearing or due process” for Trump. The Casper Star-Tribune reports that the censure vote happened after only 11 minutes of discussion among the committee members. More

They must of chatted about the weather for 10 minutes before voting to censure. – Dr. Tar

18 Comments on Liz Chaney’s Home State Censures Her

  1. I Hope Ms. Lizzy enjoyed serving the fine people of Wyoming because I have a feeling she’s going to be primariedand loose.

  2. She ought to be tarred and feathered as well.

  3. What an elitist bitch! Sorry Wyoming, hope you can toss her out of power. I’m sure she’s not through screwing over your state yet.

  4. Unfortunately, two years is plenty of time for voters to forget all about this and revert back to voting for the name on the ballot that’s most familiar to them.

  5. She doesn’t care and it has nothing to do with voters possibly forgetting in two years. They know our votes don’t matter. If red states don’t get rid of these machines that are in every state, it’s not just Dominion and don’t crack down on absentee voting and make everyone show a photo ID, then the establishment wins all of the primary elections and depending upon the agreed upon races, they will some of the general elections and democrats win others.

    The best thing that could happen ultimately though is red states divorce the blue states and have our own country.

  6. How long before she jumps ship and joins the Dem/Commie party or goes to work for Dementia Joe?

  7. If they don’t vote this POS out of office, they deserve all the misery they’re going to get by keeping the POS in.

  8. She doesn’t care. Censure has no consequences.

    Tomorrow, Dean Wormer will indict the Deltas in a show trial to expel them from Faber College. From Animal House to Animal Farm in one stolen election.

  9. @Anonymous

    I agree except….the rest of us are suffering more than they are.

  10. Is that Wyoming-speak for, “Locking-her-ass-in-stocks-for-30-days-in-downtown-Cheyenne-so-anyone-who-wants-to-can-come-kick-her-squaw-in-the-ass?”

    If not, then I don’t care… 🙄

  11. ‘Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE), who is also facing a possible censure vote in his home state, recently confronted those considering a censure vote against him in a video statement: “I’m not going to spend any time trying to talk you out of another censure. I listen to Nebraskans every day, and very few of them are as angry at life as some of the people on this committee. Not all of you, but a lot. Political addicts don’t represent most Nebraska conservatives.”’

    So now when conservative/America First voters complain about their ill-representation in Congress, they’re “political addicts”, but when EVERYONE ELSE makes their voices heard, they’re just responsible and concerned voters.

    Guys like him make me want to puke.

  12. TommyBoy, why care when you know the fix is in?

    It’s the same reason all of those e-mails, letters and phone calls for the most part are ignored. They don’t need our vote, they create their own.

    Everyone talks about primary them out, a third party(which I like the idea, but..), yet nobody wants to talk about election fraud or want to fool themselves into thinking that just happened in other states, we didn’t have any problems and/or we have paper ballots. Conservative candidates aren’t winning crap with the system we have.

  13. “Political addicts don’t represent most Nebraska conservatives.”

    Neither do you, you slimy clump of hog smegma.

  14. Forget the GOP. It will NEVER be our political party, only the swamp’s. Same with our former country. America is no more.

    We have to start over. Let’s do the starting.

  15. @ORWW:
    I continue to care because I really would like to think that this whole thing can be walked back from, and the evildoers can be purged.

    BTW: I’m watching “Absolute Proof” right now. It’s quite fascinating but disheartening because it exposes the magnitude of the corruption. I AM thankful for Mr. Lindell and the people that did the work to put this documentary together.

    The bottom line: a whole lot of people need to be disappeared into graves in National Parks. They are evil and you don’t rehabilitate evil; you eradicate it.

  16. TommyBoy,
    I’m talking about Sasse not caring what voters think, because he knows the fix is in.
    We must get our states to fix our election systems and that can only be done by getting rid of these corrupt machines, limiting absentee voting with strict rules in place and true photo ID to vote.

    When I hear these criminals in D.C. more or less laugh at voters, then I know they know what Biden said is true, they don’t need our votes, if they don’t need our votes, they will never be scared of us and they will never represent us.
    I don’t know that the country can be saved and I’m 99% sure it won’t be saved through voting when the system is rigged against us.

  17. The entitled assholes in Congress have for all of my life, and I’m certain prior to that too, voted and acted based on their own desires. That they were elected to represent the people of their district or state is little more than a quaint notion to them.

    She acts against the wishes of her constituents.
    She is censured by the party she is a member of in the state she represents.
    She says that she’s not stepping down.

    How did we get to a place where those elected get to decide whether they’re fired or not?


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