Liz Cheney-Backed Former Romney Staffer Photoshops Himself With Trump in Congressional Campaign Ad

National File: A former Mitt Romney staffer turned Congressional candidate who is backed by disgraced anti-Trump Republican Liz Cheney posted a photoshopped image of himself beside the 45th President in a seemingly desperate effort to tie his own bid for office to the extremely popular Donald Trump, who his own backers and bosses tried to remove from office.

In a recent Jim Bognet for Congress campaign ad run on social media, Bognet digitally altered images of himself and President Donald Trump, in a process colloquially referred to as photoshopping, to display himself next to the 45th President with a message that implies President Trump has offered Bognet his support. 

Specifically, Bognet’s ad contains the words “I’ve heard good things, Jim” written above President Trump’s head. In the campaign ad, the phrase doesn’t even include quotation marks, seeming to indicate that the compliment from President Trump is as fake as Bognet’s doctored photograph.

Users who click on the Bognet campaign ad are directed to the webpage of WinRed, the controversial GOP fundraising site pushed by establishment Republicans that has been accused of using deceptive tactics to fleece Republican voters. more

SNIP: Speaking of GOP fundraisers… I guess by now we all know we should never give money to any GOP or RNC fundraisers but if you do happen to get an envelope begging for cash, do like the kids do and use a Sharpie to leave a personal message for Ronna McDaniel. I had to do it a few times, but they finally got the message and took me of the list.

5 Comments on Liz Cheney-Backed Former Romney Staffer Photoshops Himself With Trump in Congressional Campaign Ad

  1. Bognet was practically a co-host on the Saturday Breitbart show with Matt Boyle during the 2020 cycle when he ran for the same seat and lost. I never heard him or Boyle mention the dreaded “R” word (Romney) each week (literally) that he would interview this guy.
    I do not live in that district but I remember wondering why the “hard sell” for this dude who was not impressive by any standard.
    Working for Mittens explains a lot.

  2. That advert with PJT will blow up in his face, his opponent will use it an every opportunity.
    He probably slithered out from the same rock as Mittens.

  3. Liz’d dad was the Capo for the degenerate, woke President who said, “compassionate conservative”! Bush Republicans have lied for at least 60 years! Of course her buddy lies.

  4. The only campaign I’d consider is the local Sheriff race and I have one question. What is the most important aspect of your job? Amswer: Protect the Constitutional rights of all citizens.


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