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Liz Cheney to run

liz cheney wy

KGWN: Liz Cheney is seeking a return to politics with a run for Wyoming’s lone House seat.
The elder daughter of former vice president Dick Cheney is ready to announce Monday, the Associated Press first reported Saturday. She filed paperwork with the FEC on Friday to make her candidacy official.  more

8 Comments on Liz Cheney to run

  1. She entered the race to replace one of our establishment senators a couple years ago. Now hopefully she’ll replace our establishment congressional Rep Lummis. Our establishment governor is term limited also and hopefully he’ll get replaced by a conservative.

    I don’t know why she quit the senate race so early, but the big money backed Enzi when he decided not to retire.

  2. Didn’t she reveal herself as pretty much an establishment rino hack masquerading as a conservative the last time she ran?

    Hey, jest aksin’.

  3. Well, Alan Simpson hates her, so that’s a good sign

  4. I love how she shows back up every election cycle in our state. If she lived in Casper where her dad grew up she might have a shot but she lives in Jackson which totally turns people off. Kafir is right about all of our representatives being establishment hacks. Our governor is a disgrace also. Sad.

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