Liz Cheney’s transformation is nearly complete

Patriot Retort: It’s like a nightmare version of the TV show “Extreme Makeover.” Except instead of witnessing the transformation of an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan, America is witnessing the transformation of Liz Cheney into a Pelosi puppet.

Listen, this isn’t about Liz Cheney’s commitment to principles or the Constitution. If you want to defend the Constitution, you would fight like hell to prevent a transformation like this.

It isn’t like Liz is some newbie unfamiliar with how Nancy Pelosi operates. She’s been in Congress for four years now. And even before she got elected to the House, Liz was a political insider, not some random small businesswoman in Wyoming who was completely naïve to just what a venal witch Nancy Pelosi is.

And yet here we are watching the transformation of an allegedly intelligent woman into a Pelosi corncob before our very eyes. 

Yesterday when Pelosi rejected two of Kevin McCarthy’s choices for her highly partisan January 6 witch hunt committee, whom did Liz Cheney attack?

Kevin McCarthy.

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  1. “…Except instead of witnessing the transformation of an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan, America is witnessing the transformation of Liz Cheney into a Pelosi puppet…”

    OMG!! In that picture she actually looks like a younger Piglousy – the eye brows and the wrinkled mouth and chin. Now THAT’S a transformation.

  2. Liz Cheney’s voice bubbles with the same hatred as every other moonbat female on the Left. She’s got hair like Hillary, the neck of Kamala, the bug eyes of AOC and in another six months she’ll be dressing like Rosa DeLauro.

    I thought women held the ace for compassion and forgiveness? All I see their politics is bitterness and rage.

    Maybe she just needs some HRT.

  3. Kevin McCarthy’s next choices should be MTG and Loren Boebert.

    cheney would blast off hotter than bezo’s pocket rocket

  4. Sleep on this, tonight. When the evil Pelosi finally kicks the bucket, her equally evil daughter will take her place in Congress and be there for 40+ years.

  5. Cheneys have always been “Bush Republicans”! Her dad voted against Ronny’s tax reform (Sepuku) in ;’86! Brave, some said foolhardy! But the liberal President rewarded leftist Dick for his anti Ronny votary making him Sec Def! in ’89!

    She, as noted, grew up a Ronny hating Bush Republican. GWB favored BHO over Ronny. So Liz favoring Nancy over Don is consistent, NOT TRANSFORED! Cheney Clan has lays sided with liberals over conservatives. Have done so for 60 years!

    Apple fell right next to the tree!

  6. Pelosi’s old, decrepit, and her alcohol/dementia’s becoming more apparent every day.
    Someone’s gonna have to slip into her slot.
    Steny’s a white guy, so he won’t do.
    Sandy O’Cortez doesn’t have the intellectual acumen.
    Could be Liz is being groomed for the position.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. People can and do call themselves anything they want, but that doesn’t make it so. By their fruits we will know them. We know who Cheney is, and I must say, the Republicans do have an ugly Democrat woman in their party calling themself a Republican. We know who the Rinos are, it’s time for the Republicans to eliminate them, don’t back them when it’s time for them to run for office.


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