Liz Warren Admits She’s Not Native American

She addressed the topic in a speech at a bowling alley. That’s right. A bowling alley.

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  1. … assuming the smell of Bowling shoes had no effect on Princess Running Mouth

    btw, the Twit comments are brilliant

  2. She’s not the only ‘ Roy Munson’ of the democrat party…..handless and shiff less, looking for a good amish boy to salvage the carnage PDJT will put on them in the coming election…

  3. …can we sub in “Warren” for “Walters” here?


    One day Barbara Walters was doing a documentary on American Indians. After touring through a reservation she noticed a difference in the feathers in each braves headdress. She was curious and went over to a brave with 1 feather and asked him about this. He replied, “Me have one squaw, so me have one feather.”

    She went to another brave asking him, thinking the other was joking. He replied “My have 4 feathers, so me sleep with four squaws.” She looked at him in a weird look and turned and saw the chief. he had many, many feathers.

    Ms. Walters asked, “Why do you have so many feathers?”

    The chief replied, “Me chief, fuck ’em all! Big, small, fat, tall! Me fuck ’em all!”

    Barbara cried, “You should be hung!”

    The chief replied, “You damn right me hung! Big like buffalo, long like snake!”

    Ms. Walters said, “You shouldn’t be so hostile!”

    The chief said, “Hoss-style, dog-style, wolf-style, ANY style! Me fuck ’em all!”

    Barbara cried, “Oh, dear!”

    The chief said, “No! No fuck deer! Asshole too high! Fuckers run too fast! NO FUCK DEER!”

  4. SNS, loved the Ten Little Indian Boys video. We used to sing that all the time as kids back in the dark ages growing up in the 50’s and 60’s. Have snowflakes ever even heard this old kids song? If they did, would they go on the warpath to try and stop other kids from having fun supposedly mocking injuns. I am glad that I grew up when no one thought this little ditty was mocking Indians, it was just a fun kids song and nothing more.

  5. She’ll have to search around for another oppressed minority.

    Aha, she’s found one. Lepers! Nobody will hire them. Nobody wants to go near them. Nobody wants to touch them. They can’t buy a home. Haters hate them. Trump hates them more than he hates Blacks and Native Americans.

  6. She was planning to schedule this admission for Christmas Eve so it would be upstaged by the House impeachment vote, but was afraid her campaign might not last until then.

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