Liz Warren confronted by her Republican past

WaEx: Elizabeth Warren is best known as a liberal firebrand, but the 2020 Democrat was a registered Republican well into her 40s.

The Massachusetts senator’s affiliation with the GOP until 1996 when she was 47, documented by Pennsylvania and Massachusetts voting records, was dredged up this week by actress and Bernie Sanders fan Susan Sarandon. The film and small-screen star alluded to the Massachusetts senator’s prior party allegiance while introducing Sanders in Iowa, despite the Vermont senator’s campaign urging surrogates not to criticize fellow presidential candidates.

“He is not someone who used to be a Republican,” Sarandon said of the socialist, who himself has toggled between being a Democrat and independent before and after elections.

Sarandon’s comments come as Warren, 70, continues to ingratiate herself to Sanders’ base as a consummate darling of the Left amid her fight for the right to challenge President Trump next year.

Morning Consult’s latest weekly report analyzing the 2020 Democratic primary field showed Warren has doubled her approval among potential voters who identify as being “very liberal” since February, with her and Sanders notching up 25% apiece. The firm surveyed 17,115 interviewees online between Aug. 12 and Aug. 18, with a margin of error of plus or minus more

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  1. Looks like they *really* want Gropin’ Joe to be the candidate,
    so they can blame “White men” after they lose to Trump…again (heh).

  2. Typical of a seasoned politician, a shallow and slippery worm that’ll be whatever gets them the position they crave.
    It’s a testament to how stupid the left is that these cheap tactics still sell.

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    I can almost hear the cadence of the tom toms and the wailing of the medicine man, as Liawatha heads to the sweat lodge for purification, followed up by her solo vision quest. Somewhere on that lone mountain top, Liawatha has her vision. She takes the name House Swapper and stumbles off the mountain, delirious from days without beer. Her high cheekbones glisten and a smile crosses her face as she salivates for Granny’s shrimp which will be waiting for her at the Pow Wow Chow gathering.
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    Chapter 2 to follow

  4. “firebrand?” media commies sure love using that word to prop up their crazy, lying politicians. They’ve created a new meaning of the word. Firebrand now means crazy liar.

  5. She has the kind of voice that makes you want to shove an ice pick into your ear to make it stop
    Or her ear


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