Liz Warren Dodges Question on Whether She’d Support Directly Paying Descendants of Slaves

WFB: Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) dodged a question at her town hall on Monday about whether she would support reparations through direct payments to descendants of slaves.

Warren, who has previously expressed vague support for reparations, revealed she backed a House bill that would establish a committee to study reparations after a question from an African-American graduate student about the government apologizing for the country’s legacy of slavery.

“America was founded on principles of liberty and freedom, and on the backs of slave labor,” Warren said. “This is a stain on America, and we’re not going to fix that, we’re not going to change that, until we address it head-on, directly.”

“I believe it’s time to start the national, full-blown conversation about reparations in this country,” she added.

Warren said she supported the proposed House bill called the “Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act,” which would advise Congress on methods to deliver them.

CNN anchor Jake Tapper followed up and asked if that could include “direct payments, direct financial transfer of money.” Warren didn’t directly answer the question.

“So there are a lot of ways to think about how reparations should be formed, and I noticed [the audience member’s] question actually started with the frame of an apology, the frame of a national recognition,” Warren said. “We have a lot of experts around the country, a lot of activists who have a whole lot of different approaches to it.”  read more

21 Comments on Liz Warren Dodges Question on Whether She’d Support Directly Paying Descendants of Slaves

  1. How about Grey Beaver just start by personally paying reparations to those cheated out of a big fat tenured position by a fake Indian.

  2. Hey Lies-Like-Dog, who is going to compensate me for the ancestors I lost in the Civil War? The ones who fought to free the slaves? Who will compensate me for their lives?

  3. I’m all for reparations…right after I get my check from the Romans for enslaving MY ancestors.

    Point being, EVERYONE’S ancestors were the slaves of some other group of people, at some point in time. So just STFU…

  4. This shrill bitch is hardly better than Hillary or Eleanor when it comes to annoying oxygen thieves. Where is the goddamn Spanish Flu when we need it?

  5. Gladys beat me to it. What the hell have we been paying for for the last 55 years? I know, I know there are a greater number of honkies on the dole than negros, but really?
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  6. WWII marked the bill paid-in-full. You want a real shock, check into just how many African Americans were casualties in the war.

  7. Reparations, like you can stay in this country? Your progeny will one day have more opportunities and help than you can imagine?

  8. I come from a long line of slaves, Irish, Scottish and Native American. So, where’s MY dough?! Oh, that’s right … I’m not expecting any because that was long before my time and – by the way – I make my own way in life. Me. If I can’t afford it, I don’t buy it, if I don’t need it, I don’t buy it. I sure as heck don’t expect to get what I need from anyone else. Me. I’m responsible for myself. I was taught that growing up and lived that way all my life. I’ve paid enough taxes so you slackers could have more than I ever could.


    Now, have a nice day, dammit!

    Edit: Sorry for the rant. Had a bad day. All better now! 🙂

  9. Wasn’t the blood of 600,000 + Americans both Union and Confederate enough of a price to pay for and atone for to end slavery in America? It’s always the democraps who call for reparations. And they were the party of slavery then and still are now since LBJ’s so called Great Society in the 60’s which enslaved blacks both socially and culturally all over again in order to further the power of the democrap party.

  10. I never understood calling Negroes “African Americans”. What other group in this country is labeled with two countries?

    If you ask Negroes where they’re from they’ll respond the same way anyone would. Where you from?
    or a state
    and so on.


  11. Lazlo can trace his ancestry back to a Cherokee bond slave in 1800
    Slavery and Indigenous peoples, I should get twice the amount!
    But Lazlo, you white!
    No reparations for you!!

  12. As a Seminole descendant, I’d like my forefathers stolen land back. All of it. And squatters can go home.

  13. Anyone thinking “reparations” would be limited to genuine descendants of slaves is almost certainly wrong.

  14. Why pay ’em? The descendants of slaves in the U.S. today have it better than they would have it had their ancestors never been taken as slaves in the first place. And I seriously doubt that any U.S. citizen went into Africa and raided a village and took slaves away from said village. “Hey, let’s go to a foreign land, go trekking through it to find some slaves who live in villages that we don’t know the location of, sound good to you?” Any whitey who took slaves like that were likely DUTCH slavers who had native (read: Black) guides and then took them to slave markets. And they were only the next in line AFTER the ARABS started taking slaves.

    So, I say that the Saudis and the Dutch should pay before we should.

    P.S. that slave raiding scene in Roots (70s) was bullshit. Piss on Alex Haley.

  15. I fully support reparations…
    As long as those receiving the payment were actual slaves.
    And those being forced to pay the reparations actually owned slaves.

  16. This bitch is now claiming her parents LIED to her about her ancestry (CNN Town Hall).

    Her past is shady, but her future is clear… you’re going to Hell, loser.


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