Liz Warren mocks Bloomberg’s height

Oh, Liz. That is so ‘last month’.

WaEx: Sen. Elizabeth Warren made a height joke about about 2020 rival Michael Bloomberg.

The Massachusetts Democrat, who painted Bloomberg to be a replica President Trump during his first debate appearance, took a page from the 45th president’s playbook while addressing supporters in Seattle on Saturday as Sen. Bernie Sanders won the Nevada caucuses.

“I want to talk specifically for just a minute at the top about a threat that is coming our way. And it’s a big threat — not a tall one, but a big one: Michael Bloomberg,” the senator said before accusing the billionaire of trying to buy the election. read more

15 Comments on Liz Warren mocks Bloomberg’s height

  1. She’s one to talk.

    Furthermore, she is no Donald Trump. Everything about her is counterfeit or derivative. POS has never entertained an original thought.

  2. Remember when Little Marco tried his hand at Trumpian insults? Remember how badly that went for him?

    There will always be desperate, pandering oafs who are too stupid and foolish to realize that only Trump can be Trump.

  3. She’s just jealous because he’s more of an Indian than she is.
    (Indians were the 13th “Lost” tribe of the Jews)

    Squaw Shitting Bull speak with forked tongue … always.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Gotta give Liz a little credit; when it comes to lies she can tell some TALL tales.

    Give mini-mike a LITTLE credit also; he’s pretty short on smarts and charisma.

  5. Reminds me of the story of when Mike walked into a bar and sat down next to a tall, blond.
    He leaned over and said: “Whudya say to a little fcuk Honey?”
    She looked down at him and said: “Hello you little fcuk!”

  6. Bloomberg could walk (or be carried piggy-back) into any bar in America, or probably in the World, and the women would fall all over him telling him how “big” and manly he was (is).

    “Oh! You BIG boy! BIG boy!” would be ringing in his ears.

    Remember that unmemorable movie “Indecent Proposal?” Instead of Robert Redford cast H. Ross Perot or Mike Bloomberg and you’d get a more realistic movie.
    Jeez, they told Harvey Weinstein what a handsome brute he was!

    Q – “What do you call a girl who can suck a golfball through a garden hose?”
    A – “Sweet thing!”

    And don’t kid yourself – they’d be lining up for Bloomberg – and Fauxahontas would be shoving her way to the front of the line.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Indian children were given a name at birth. When they had grown up, they were given a new name to call attention to something notable they had done. Thus Liz Warren, as a blushing young papoose was called Fauxachontas but as a mature squaw was given the more appropriate name Lying Cow.

  8. Bloomberg tried to troll President Trump with a billboard that said, “Donald Trump Cheats at Golf” and DJT tweeted back to him, “Mike Bloomberg cheats at mini golf”


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