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Liz Warren: Voters said they’d have backed me for president if I had a penis

WaEx: In a forthcoming book detailing the experiences of female candidates on the presidential campaign trail in 2020, then-candidate Elizabeth Warren revealed that several voters crudely told her they would vote for her — but only if she was a man.

Those sentiments echoed among several voters, with many telling campaign workers for the Massachusetts senator that the country would “never have a woman president.”

“‘I lost it,’ this organizer told me,” wrote NBC News Capitol Hill correspondent Ali Vitali in her book Electable: Why America Hasn’t Put a Woman in the White House … Yet. “But that was the vibe. Women and men alike, both as explicitly as that but also implicitly, would just say, ‘Look, I think it’s great what you’re doing … but America — it’s just not gonna happen.'”

“Everyone comes up to me and says, ‘I would vote for you, if you had a penis,'” the book quotes Warren as saying. more here

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  1. I think that’s a lie from Ms. Warren. The same people stupid enough to keep voting for her wouldn’t care what sexual organs she has.

  2. And all this time hasn’t the left been telling us it’s not whether you have a penis or not, it’s how you identify. Come on Liz, let loose the warrior hiding in that squaw.

  3. Don’t know about her dick, but it takes pretty big balls for her to say that’s the ONLY reason she’s not president.

  4. hey Lizzie, remember when you came of age and the Tribal Elders cut of your dick in that special ceremony mandated by their belief that you were not warrior material! To bad so sad!

  5. No Republican would ever vote for her, penis or no penis.

    I think Chief Wagging Finger Crazy Eyes Missing Dink realizes that it is the Democrats who won’t vote for her because she isn’t a man – they must have all majored in Biology.

    Hey Lizzie, instead of saying “I’m gonna get me a beer” how bout “I’m gonna get me a penis” and see what happens next.

  6. Liz Warren: Voters said they’d have backed me for president if I had a penis

    Do tell me just the names of these voters that said they would vote for you for President. Kamala might have a penis, she’s going to be Prez soon, maybe you can game her for VP.

  7. I won’t vote for Little Gray Beaver because she’s an injun. A damn savage! I hear she collects scalps.

  8. Lizzie, all you gotta do is get a crew cut, smoosh the bosom, buy some men’s shoes and you’re gold. Claim you’re a transmale. It works. trust girl.

  9. It’s like, “The World According to Garp.” Carly Fiorina crashed HP. What’s the chance that she would fly a plane into the White House.

    Also, bitch, 99.9999% of men would suck as president.

    Let’s go,

  10. She has two assholes (one in her head, one in her butt), and she’s the biggest corrupt cunt this side of Hillary Clinton. She’s got it all!

  11. I could wank away the hours
    And take lots of cold showers,
    Drop semen real thicck;
    And my nuts I’d be a scratchin’
    While my crabs are busy hatchin’
    If I only had a dick.

    I would use it when I piddle,
    And imaginary diddle,
    And dream its getting licked,

    With my thoughts I’ll be Toobin’
    While my hand I be lubin’
    If you only had a dick.

    Oh, I, could tell you why
    Kamala’s such a whore
    I could tug on things I’d never
    Tugged before,
    And then I’d sit down and tug some more.

    I would not be feeling nothin’,
    My palm I keep on stuffin’,
    And finishing right quick;
    And perhaps I’d sqirt on you and be
    Leaving white stains on you
    If I only had a prick.

  12. having bean a wymyn all my life, i will say….

    i hope to hell we never have a wymyn president….wymyns has hormones what makes them irrational at least once a month…….

    as a wymyn, i myself was irrational for 8 days every 2 to 6 weeks for forty years…yes i were a irregular wymyn, but health privacy laws would make it impossible to disqualify irrational wymyns like me to run for office….

    maggie thatcher was a great leader…she was also post-menopausal ……

    good luck checking for that….

    also, i have actually thatched a roof…. 🙂


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