Liz Warren’s Fox-Bashing “Hate-for-Donations Racket”

Patriot Retort: Yesterday, Liz Warren decided to explain her decision not to hold a town hall on Fox News with a multi-tweet Fox-bashing thread.

Pocahontas went on the warpath – attacking Fox News as a “hate-for-profit racket” that gives a platform to “racists and conspiracists.”

Apparently, she thought the phrase “hate-for-profit” was such a winner, she repeated it several times in her Fox-bashing Twitter tirade.

She even followed it up with a fancy-schmancy graphic on Instagram — all blood-red and sinister.

Look, it’s a free country and not even news media outlets are immune to criticism. So Liz Warren can go on Fox-bashing to her heart’s content all the way up to the point where she drops out of the primary. She is free to be as critical of the news media as President Trump is.

The problem I have with this Fox-bashing diatribe is Liz Warren’s craven and cynical motive behind it.

Pocahontas doesn’t really believe Fox News is a “hate-for-profit racket.”

But she knows members of the ResistanceLOL do.  MORE


5 Comments on Liz Warren’s Fox-Bashing “Hate-for-Donations Racket”

  1. Irregardless of what she says, how does anyone listen to her irritating high pitched squeaking voice for more than a just a few syllables before it induces vomiting.

  2. Monkey see; Monkey do.

    Liz can perceive how successful Pres. Trump’s media-bashing has been without understanding the basics.

    That the media is corrupt is beyond her ken, because, as the media spouts endless streams of vituperative lies, she lives a lie, swims in a cesspool of lies, and repeats those lies without seeming to perceive those lies – the same belief system as the media (with the partial exclusion of Fox).

    Thus, she makes a conscious decision to promulgate more lies in the belief that the media will trumpet her lies, which, of course, they will.

    Bashing Fox will bring much short-term gain and she knows she has absolutely NO chance of being elected President, so she harvests the windfall of money that comes with “running.”

    Her life is a story of cynical corruption and the greedy exploitation of her lies, exaggerations, and dissimulations.

    Only in Massachusetts.
    Mittens was governor there – they are bathed in ignorance from birth.

    izlamo delenda est …


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