Lizzy’s Brainchild About To Get The Axe

When Richard Cordray resigned from Senator Elizabeth Warren’s (MA-D) Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) this week, it was assumed by the left that the assistant director would head up the agency.

The President however, appointed Office of Management and Budget Director, Mick Mulvaney to head the out of control CFPB and yesterday received the agreement from the Office of Legal Counsel that the president had the right to do just that.

Senator Warren persists that Dodd-Frank makes Deputy Director Leandra English the next director, setting up a possible confrontation tomorrow over who heads this “disaster” of a government regulator.

The Conservative Treehouse has been watching this development all week with additional background links, Here 

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  1. Looks pretty clear to me. Deputy Director fills in when the Director is unavailable; he does not become Director.

  2. Trump can temporarily appoint someone until confirmed by the Senate.

    It’s like a game of Monopoly, but the rule book is 10,000 pages, and the lawyers squabble about if you are authorized to move your piece to the next square or not.

  3. Unintended consequences, folks! Lizzie’s plan for the CFPB *was* pretty pure….. …and the banksters have pulled some evil tricks with home mortgage loans and credit card financing in the last twenty years….

    But, it all got “swamped” with “disparate impact” and, even the “people of color” non-working employees of the place sued when they didn’t get comparable raises to the “working employees:” In-House Disparate impact.

    Just like the bloated State Department Tillerson’s now bleeding and draining, the CPFB either needs a down-to-the-bones overhaul — or death.

    Sorry, Lizzie. ….Lady in Red

  4. Lie-a-watha nervous like Paleface loosing wampum belt at Casino
    Lie-a-watha got heap big sumpin’ to hide

  5. Poor Lazlo heap big happy.
    Crazy white lady no make-em self look good.
    Great White Chief say who stay and who go.
    All others shut-em pie-hole

  6. Another political patronage position for democrat political hacks to be rewarded and do favors for contributors.

    End this monstrosity……more like the political Hack Protection agency.

  7. CFPB needs to die because it’s a lie and a slush fund. They levy fines on behalf of everybody but take those fines and give the money to DNC front groups who organize protests and smear pieces and all the underhanded crap they’ve been doing for years now. It’s utterly preposterous to have an agency form under the executive branch of a president of one party with a set of lame ass rules saying the next president from the other party can’t run it. Fuck that and fuck the goddamn democrats for trying to pull off this goddamned underhanded shit.

  8. Like so-called “net neutrality”, the CFPB is a brand new creation that never should have come into existence in the first place.

    End it. Don’t mend it.

  9. The way it was as I grew up was.
    Lizzie Borden took an ax and gave her father 40 whacks and when she saw what she had done. Gave her father 41.
    Hop Scotch and jump rope !!!!
    Damn I am old.

  10. This is a really big deal. The four part CTH analysis really lays it out. I had no idea how powerful, over-reaching, and free from oversight, it is. Thank God, daily, the Clinton regime is not occupying the White House.

  11. It is so fun to envision President Trump jerking the rug out from under Faux-co-haunt-us. I enjoy the mental image of her head over heels, screeching, as she falls on her butt.

  12. Trump should PROSECUTE those who ILLEGALLY directed funds extorted by the CFPB, and CLAW BACK the funds from those who received them.

  13. The CFPB Is one giant democratic scam. treated as the worst case of diarrhea you’ve seen, flash repeatedly!
    It’s function is very close to being a dinosaur census bureau.

  14. This is so delicious! Warren thought she’d created an extra-legal, untouchable empire for the D’s but, alas and alack, twas not to be. Does anyone need further proof that we have a Uniparty for a Congress?

  15. Fauxahantas took an axe
    And gave the consumers 40 whacks
    And when the job was neatly done
    Trump turned and gave her 41.


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