Local Minnesota Representative Caught Outside Trump Rally With Antifa

CFP: Democrat member of the Minnesota House of Representatives Aisha Gomez was caught on video Thursday night engaged in protests with the violent leftist group Antifa.

After President Trump finished his rally in Minneapolis, members of the group assaulted Trump supporters and burned “Make America Great Again” hats. more here

28 Comments on Local Minnesota Representative Caught Outside Trump Rally With Antifa

  1. I have a theory…

    Any adult that colors their hair a wild color, unless as some sort of lost bet or something, has mental issues.

    That theory has always, to this point, held up.

  2. None of her cats will sleep on the couch anymore…..

    She once thought a liter of ‘Dicken’s Cider’ proposed to her….

    Charmin has offered her a volume discount and the Charmin sales rep retired at 37….

    Her feet have to take selfies of themselves…

    Nasa had to design her seatbelt…

    When she goes around the house, she REALLY goes around the house….

    She gets enough lint out of her belly button to put MY PILLOW out of business….

    She fell down once and 500 pilates classes were held on her….

  3. She became a politician so she could have a large enough income to be able to pay homeless bums when she wanted to get laid & they didn’t come cheap after seeing her.

  4. She’s an Official Demwit clown bus driver (apologies to reputable bus drivers) –
    the dark turquoise colored hair, low IQ, anti-social, criminal behavior, desperation to be a leftist tool, and questionable hygiene was a clue.

  5. She’s oppressed…forced against her will to eat too much food. The authorities have to hold her down and force her to swallow 25 cheeseburgers and 10 pizzas every day.

    It’s cruel and inhumane. How would you guys like it?

  6. Wan’ tell you a story
    ‘Bout a woman I know
    Ah, come to loving
    She steals the show
    She ain’t exactly pretty
    Ain’t exactly small
    Forty-two, thirty-nine, fifty-six
    You could say she’s got it all

    [Verse 1]
    Never had a woman
    Never had a woman like you
    Doin’ all the things
    Doin’ all the things you do
    Ain’t no fairy story
    Ain’t no skin and bones
    But you give it all you got
    Weighing in at nineteen stone

  7. Good thing she democrat, and pro-abortion, she won’t mind it when her kids find out who “Mom” really is, and take their own lives.

  8. Trump said if he shot some one on main street we’d still vote for him. The liberals mocked him.

    Here they are actually joining in on a mob that is assaulting people

  9. Look at mug shots of antifa terrorist thug losers and they are all pathetic, stupid, and ugly.
    Anyone who wears a mask to hide their face while they riot should be shot down right there.


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