Local progressives call out Governor ‘Blackface’ Northam for ‘f—-up’ at Virginia Beach

American Thinker:

By M. Catharine Evans.

The progressive authors at Blue Virginia are so upset with Gov. Ralph Northam that they are using expletives.  Less than 24 hours after advising Virginians to do their “homework” by making “plans for you and your other family members to have facial protection,” in anticipation of a possible mandatory mask-wearing order, Northam was seen on the beach taking selfies and posing with fans standing inches away from him.  The governor, in defiance of his own Phase One guideline, was not wearing a mask.  When critics pounced on the obvious double standard, Northam’s spokeswoman stated: “He was outside today and not expecting to be within six feet of anyone.”  She then suggested we all be prepared for these types of situations.

When this “ridiculous” statement and beach photos hit the mainstream media, the optics were too much for one Blue Virginia contributor.  Maybe having to defend another neuron-deficient Democrat like Joe Biden was getting on his nerves. more here

7 Comments on Local progressives call out Governor ‘Blackface’ Northam for ‘f—-up’ at Virginia Beach

  1. They elected him and they knew what he was when they did, it was no secret.

    So why should they care about something like this now?

    Other than a few social misfits and nutcases of course, but they are of little or no consequence in the scheme of things.

  2. Va elected a known misanthropic, racist, hypocritical, megalomaniacal nihilist with delusions of godhood and now must pretend to be disturbed by it.

    If Northam had spat in the faces of every “journalist” they’d have licked the spittle.
    By a little griping they slough off the onus of partisan behavior.

    And what’s this “progressive” bullshit? They’re socialists – more akin to Italian Fascists and German National Socialists than to Wilsonian Socialists.

    We shouldn’t allow them the luxury of controlling the language.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. These mask edicts are all about putting people in their place. “They” know the score and know that it all about making others submit to public humiliation.

  4. maybe I saw it here, or maybe somewhere else, not sure

    ‘if a fart can get through underpants and a pair of blue jeans, a virus can get through a cloth mask’

    northam is evil.
    he lied about his racism, and flat out stated that he is amenable to killing new born babies.
    if he were wearing 18 masks, he would still be a piece of shit.

  5. His clan hood would be a suitable substitute under his “guidelines”–the plaid pants(if he isn’t the one in the My Pillow Giza sheet and pillow case), not so much.

  6. The continuing references to “blackface” strike me as an obfuscation meant to shield Northam from the perhaps more damaging possibility that he was not the one in blackface, but the one in the KKK hood. He admitted being in the picture, but has he ever said which one he was?


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