Lockstep and Fetchit

Regular readers know that I am estranged from an older brother who is as libtarded as they come.

He has 2 sons that are chips off the old blockhead.

Every once in awhile I play a game. I think of the current hard left narrative and I picture what their timelines on Facebook will look like when I go over there. I haven’t checked them in about 8 months. Before I went over I imagined a timeline filled with Bernie Sanders porn for braindead sycophants.

Yahtzee. I win.

It’s pathetic. Every friggin stereotype is on all three of their pages, including, “I would like to see a Swedish style socialism economic model implemented here in America.”

Now how did these three knuckleheads all come to this revelation in lockstep in 2016? Ya think maybe they thought of it after they heard the rest of the yammering nabobs of socialism regurgitating it? I think so.

Right down the line, all of them:

-Global warming is real and manmade.

-There is an earnings gap crisis.

-There is a culture of rape on campuses.

-The Koch Brothers are responsible for every ill in the world.

-Illegals are “undocumented immigrants and entitled to the America dream.”

And on and on an one and on it goes without one dissenting thought straying from the guidebook.

This is not true of the right. This is not true of this site.

Lefty trolls who visit here say that we are all of the same mind, we have a hive mentality and it’s an echo chamber.

Tell that to the readers who have done battle with me on some issues that ostensibly would be supported by the right.

For instance, I dislike trophy hunting. Hunting to gather food is great. Hunting to pose and smile with a picture of a dead animal, that you have no intention of eating, is ghoulish. If it’s all about thinning the herd, it should be a somber event, nothing to flash a toothy smile about on your Facebook timeline.

This is my opinion, I’m not marching to take anyone’s rights away – which is another reason the right is superior to the left.

I realize hunting is not necessarily a steadfast right-wing thing, and that many conservatives feel the same way about trophy hunting as I do, but you get the idea.

I also disagree with the prevailing sentiment on the right that our president has to pass a Christian litmus test. I wouldn’t not vote for a president if they were devout, but I could vote for a completely secular candidate that doesn’t have an anti-religion agenda.

And that brings us to what this post will be about.

If you’re comfortable saying so, what belief do you hold that you think runs contrary to the prevailing, stereotypical, values of the right?


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  1. You love who you love. I have no argument with same sex couples who want to pledge their true devotion to each other in a civil or religious ceremony. I still think they are somewhat off kilter ( hormonally? Chemically? Mentally? Who knows?) but I applaud their desire to cement a union to each other.

  2. See this why I love BFH and IOTW. He is not afraid to mix it up with his people. I agree on the trophy hunting stance. I feel that we have a LEO problem. Not in BLM way but we have too many of them and some should not be in uniform. We should support the good ones on get rid of the bad. That might be a thought in the echo chamber, am not sure. Also I think Trump is insane but good for the conversation.

  3. In general: I will tolerate anyone who will tolerate me. I may detest anyone for any reason but as long as we’re both free to avoid each other, I’m OK with that. There are many, many political implications to this position.

    A more specific position I take contrary to the majority here or to conservatives in general is the conclusion that a Ron Paul non-interventionist foreign policy is morally superior. Let the flames begin!

  4. Anti death penalty but life without parole. No cable tv or weight lifting. Solitary confinement no visits conjugal or any other visits.

  5. I’m evolving on non-intervention.

    I also agree that if alcohol is legal, so should pot.
    Pot is a different generation’s alcohol.

    I heard all the arguments:

    -gateway drug.

    uh huh. And show me the pot smokers who didn’t start with alcohol.

    – bad for health.

    Alcohol is great for you!!

    – It impairs you more and turns you into a psycho.

    No it doesn’t.

  6. The big banks and other financial institutions should be broken down into a bunch of little banks. If it’s too big to fail, it shouldn’t exist in the first place.

    We should have a health care system based on the French model.

    No more nation building, no more Team America: World Police.

    Legalization or decriminalization of marijuana and other drugs.

    If a woman has the right to walk away from an unwanted pregnancy, so does a man. If women want exclusive control over reproduction, they should accept exclusive responsibility, financial and otherwise. (Both sides are going to jump on me for that one.)

    A specific process for allowing states to withdraw from the Union should be written into the Constitution.

    There’s lots of other stuff, but somebody else would probably like to have the podium for a while.

  7. First of all, Fur, I feel really sorry for you. I have one brother that was mostly liberal with libertarian tendencies. He grew out of it as life happened. Now all my extended family is conservative and it’s such a joy. I’ll pray for your family.

    Now, to the question: I have two very good friends and a couple more good friends that are homosexual. They do not flaunt it but neither do they hide it. I have laughed with them and cried with them. I can say that I love them.

  8. I want section 8 housing in my neighborhood and a Muzz refugee center on the corner, and a mosque across from the Piggly Wiggly.

    See, I can lie with the best of those liberal bastards.

  9. I agree about the trophy hunting. Unless you go and wrestle it to the ground and choke it out.
    Pot: easy.
    Same sex unions: Yes, but Marriage is reserved for men and women.

  10. I’m with you on trophy hunting-I think it’s demented to kill lions and elephants or anything for their heads-fucking sick. I wish any animal I’ve killed to travel well. I never have taken a shot where I wasn’t damn sure that animal was going down right there. IOW, no 300 yard shots because that’s beyond my capability. Hell 200 yards has to be a dead certain shot for me. I’ve only had to finish off a dropped deer once with another shot standing over him. And the animals I take are animals that I can pack out after I’ve field dressed them-the last deer I got was about 100+ lbs after I cut off his head and legs-no 500 lb elks and I’ve never had a picture of me taken standing over a kill.

    Another thing that really burns my ass is seeing deer walking around with arrows in them. God I could wring the necks of someone that does that.

    But I disagree with you about legalizing pot. Before w Texas I lived in Canon City in CO and saw the increased rampant use of marijuana among young people-it’s especially not healthy for developing brains. Legalizing it signaled acceptance. Maybe decriminalizing it, maybe. And the pot that is available is many, many times stronger then the pot that was available 40 years ago when I was in my 20s. Legalizing it has opened a floodgate of ways to ingest it and while you can’t OD on smoking pot, when you’re ingesting it, you can easily do that.

    You’ve got people that are using butane to distill pot into hash and setting homes on fire. Now that it’s legal in CO, there’s no enforcement of age restrictions unless it’s after the fact. It’s a bad idea.

    And I could care less if 2 or 3 or 10 homos or whoever want to make their unions legal-you can call it anything you want but it’s not a marriage.

  11. I enjoy the fact that we have true freedom to say what we think here. And there are enough intelligent self-thinking conservatives to debate any subject under the sun.

    I cannot deal with progressives. They are blind to reality, logic, and reason, and just follow the herd. It seems that democrats want some kind of Marx figure to call out every step they take in advance. Maybe they are incapable of thinking for themselves.

    And I don’t like the trophy hunting where the meat is wasted. I know that will get you thrown in jail and your guns confiscated in Alaska.

    I also have solid evidence that fracking can cause unknown chemicals to leech into ground water – turn it black. That’s why all of my drinking water comes from my rooftop. It does bother me when people call me a liberal or a stealth progressive when I talk about that, as if I am lying about it. They are using the same tactics as the Left and at the same time they are trying to pin me as a leftest for stating an honest fact. Come over to my house when they frack the gas well. And bring a hundred dollars, we’ll make a bet.

    My point is, I don’t give a shit what the narrative is, truth is the only thing that matters to me. And that is why I spend my web time at iOTWreport. Truth. And good friends.

    I like heath food too, so go eat shit if you want. 🙂

  12. I don’t care whether gay people marry or not. Marijuana should be used medicinally – some people I know could be using this to ease their pain. I consider myself a more, shall we say, open-minded conservative, whatever that is.

  13. I’m a vegetarian. Not an angry, sanctimonious, PETA-type vegetarian, but just someone who found a delicious, agreeable, and cost-effective diet to stop gaining weight in 2003. Go ahead, enjoy your steak. Far be it from me to tell you, an adult, what/how to eat.

  14. I’m a free trader. I believe in the free movement of goods, services, information and legal immigration from what ever country, so long as the new comers aren’t determined to destroy this nation and obey our laws.

    I am heartless about free trade. Show me a manufacture shutting down a facility to move the jobs abroad and I’ll ask why we can’t do better competing herenot how can we protect our industries.

  15. I agree with redgrandma on same-sex relationships, because it’s their business, and not for others to judge. For similar reasons, I think that abortion (not late term!) should up to the individual woman and her conscience (also I because remember the horrors that some women went through before Roe v. Wade). Not being female, I don’t feel I have the right to tell a woman what to do with her body, any more than I would want her to tell me what to do with mine. No one should profit from fetal tissue sales, though.

    I don’t care who does pot or other drugs (as long as they don’t commit crimes because of it), because if the Government can’t stop it, it doesn’t matter if they make it illegal or not.

    NOTE: This is not to say that I approve of all these things, but at a certain point you have to realize that people are going to do them whether or not anybody else cares.

    I think you already know that I believe that religion and politics should be kept separate as much as possible.

    Probably my position was summed up best by Uncle Al (except maybe for the Ron Paul thingy).


    P.S. – I don’t think anyone could be called 100% liberal or 100% conservative. If there are such people out there, I wouldn’t want to meet them.

  16. The Constitution restrains the Federal Bureaucracy.
    IF the Constitution is silent, then the 10th Amendment is Supreme.
    The SCROTUS can decide whether or not a law is valid, but that is the extent of their domain – they DO NOT have the authority to dictate law, as they did in ObolaCare and Homosexual “marriage”
    (for example: ObolaCare, which originated in the Senate, makes NO mention of taxation and the Constitution makes NO mention of marriage).
    EPA, HUD, DOE, DoE, and a host of others transcend the letter and the intent of the Constitution.
    Agricultural subsidies are welfare.
    Kasich is an asshole (might make a passable Preznit, but an asshole, nonetheless).
    CHEB! is a surrender monkey.

    Legalize pot, alcohol, heroin … whatever … just hold people responsible for their actions.

    Death penalty for Treason (Treason being suggesting we violate the letter of the Constitution and aiding and abetting enemies – declared or not – of the United States).

  17. Legalize pot and have the government sell franchises. Use some of the skim to enforce whatever rules are deemed necessary.

  18. I believe a Jury that returns a death sentence must provide one of its members to do the deed. Said member to be determined by blind lottery. The citizen will take the place of the State in this duty. No hand off to a public servant.

    I believe any law must require a 75% ‘yea’ to pass, but may be rescinded by a simple majority.

    ‘Dis-elected’ politicians and Field Grade military officers would be barred from D.C., it’s environs, any company or organization with any ties or representation there for life. On pain of death. Go grow tomatoes, play with your grandchildren.

    Politicians, while occupying federal office, must only wear NASCAR jumpsuits with the logos and names of their top twenty donors. Then we’d know who we were actually dealing with.

  19. You faggot loving, pot smoking, anti gun, abortion loving and death sentence conservative nut. There, I have said it. Now vote for Trump.

  20. I have a niece that’s a libtard. I called her a *unt and that’s the last I’ve heard from her. Her face book has pictures of her and her gay husband with the rainbow on their pics and it’s loaded with Obama and the whole shitterie of the progressive party.

    Did I mention she has thyroid cancer?

  21. I have to say that this is the first time I have encountered the idea that hunting is OK as long as you throw away the head rather than saving it, and I live near Berkeley CA!

  22. I love the fact that people agree to disagree on this site. I’ve noticed that politics has been driving a wedge between certain people, and that saddens me. But, I think we’ll all get over it when this election is over.

    I believe that…….you cannot separate the created from the Creator. So this idea that faith has to be kept in a box while the “grown ups” discuss politics, sports, science, etc. seems illogical to me. What you believe, what you hold dear and how you see life is grounded in your faith. Make no mistake, everyone has some sort of faith, or belief system, even atheists (they believe in themselves).

    My fervent hope is that every one here at iotwreport comes to trust in the grace and the mercy of the one true God, via his son, Jesus, the Christ.

    Have a great day iotwreport readers and commentators………..you guys are so cool and funny and witty. You’re like my extended family…….

  23. I have a hard time with “miracles”. I have faith, I believe in God, I pray, but the miracles that are attributed to the leaders in religions are something I haven’t been able to reconcile.

  24. Alot of people on the right will tell you that you cant judge others. This is not true, if I dont judge my kids friends/parents for things my kids see that’s not to our christian beliefs then how will they ever know right from wrong. The one and only thing we can’t judge is whether someone is going to heaven or hell.

    A note on last nights debate that I found odd coming from the left was when the moderator was chastising Trump for cussing when I never heard a word from them when Biden said “it’s a big F’ing deal”. Hypocritical?

  25. LocoBlanco – IMHO, the only difference between alcohol and pot is that pot gives you the munchies and alcohol gives you a hangover. Otherwise the effects are the same.

    (Not that I would know anything about that personally, of course. I heard it from…a friend. Yeah, that’s it – a friend told me about it.)


  26. I want Eric Holder to be nominated for the Supreme Court.

    But see, the thing is, I want him nominated so we can all enjoy watching him being destroyed on TV and then O.bamalamadingdong withdrawing the nomination. Tee-hee

  27. JohnS –
    I have to say that this is the first time I have encountered the idea that hunting is OK as long as you throw away the head rather than saving it>>

    I didn’t say that.
    I said hunting for just the trophy is ghoulish, in my opinion.
    Hunting for food is fine, and if you want to mount the head of a deer you fed yourself with, have at it.
    If you want to mount the bones of all the chicken wings you’ve eaten, great.

    I think people who shoot an animal just for the sport of it, something they’re not going to eat, like bears, and smile with the dead animal, take pictures and post them, are probably not thinking about what they’re doing too deeply.
    Bullfighting, for instance, is ridiculous.

    My opinion.
    Not going to stop anyone from doing it. Have fun.

    If you’re shooting animals for population control, I think that is a somber event. Something sad that has to be done.
    Some yahoo with a big toothy grin yanking the dead animal up for a picture, is not just controlling population. There’s something else going on.

    I can’t kill an animal for fun.
    I don’t think it’s fun.

    But I could kill an animal if it was necessary. I’m not a PETA loon.

  28. Loco,
    I have a problem with some judge that drinks and retires to chambers for a snifter of brandy while he decides how long he’s going to put some kid behind bars for getting high, less high than he is on any given Friday.
    It’s ludicrous.
    It’s “fear of pot” syndrome.
    It’s a stigma that certain people can’t get beyond.
    I play golf with people who smoke pot… while they are playing.
    Never had a problem with them.

    Meanwhile, there’s a cart girl driving around selling alcohol.


  29. Kaiser Wilhelm II was said to have over 10,000 pairs of antlers at his hunting “cabin.”

    “Moderation in ALL Things.”

    I don’t hunt – at all – but I think it’s a good skill to have, regardless of whether trophy or meat hunting.

    A guy back at work made GREAT deer jerky.

  30. The one thing that conservatives and liberals have in common is that they’ll both defend your right to be a liberal…

    Pot – I really don’t care. I don’t use it and don’t plan to start, but I know plenty of people who do. For the most part, they are average people with jobs, mortgages, kids in school. etc., and slackers will be slackers even if they never use anything stronger than chamomile tea. Go ahead and legalize it, BUT, in my perfect world, you would have to grow your own. What I want to avoid is the creation of a whole new category of wealthy lobbyists and special interest groups, as well has handing the government a perfect excuse to tax the snot out of the people.
    All I ask in return is that they leave tobacco alone.
    Same Sex Marriage – Having been married myself for awhile, I can only wonder why someone would want the right to ruin their lives that way, but I digress…
    If two people have built their lives around their partnership, no matter what the nature of that partnership is, they both have what I consider inalienable rights to keep what they have invested into it. I think gays would be better served with an LLC, but if being married is their goal, and they can find someone willing to perform the ceremony for them, I say go for it. What I hate is the idea that people who do NOT support gay marriage are being forced to participate in it against their will. Business owners should have the right to self determine how their business should be run and whom they do business with.
    Just because I’m conservative doesn’t mean I’m unwilling to compromise on some issues.

  31. Why is the belief that alcohol should be legal compatible with conservatism, but believing pot should be legal is libertarian?
    Makes no sense.


  32. From Loco: “Man, I didn’t expect to see all the anti-death penalty on this site?
    If they really need someone to pull the switch or inject the needle, I will work pro-bono.”

    Tell me about the first time you were the prime mover in killing another human. Was it “heat of the moment”, self defense, defense of another? Revenge for a heinous crime?

    Combat? I trained for that, never had to do it.

    How has it affected you personally since you took that life?

    Have you beaten someone senseless? I have. I’ve had it done to me and thought I was being killed. Actually, the latter, twice.

    I’m not saying you’re talking out of your ass, I’m only saying you just might not appreciate the full spectrum of the impact on your own soul. I am assuming you have one.

    Now, to give full time to the hypocrite I am, I would cheerfully bite out the throat of anybody who willfully harmed any of my loved ones. And sleep like a winner.

  33. I’m an atheist, but it doesn’t bother me if believing in some higher power makes someone feel better, it’s none of my business, unless you want me to take part in funding it.
    Having said that, any candidate that believes in a “young earth” is to fucking stupid to be allowed to hold an important position…

  34. I wish they’d legalize pot in California so that just maybe the potheads would stay home and get high on voting day.

    Eventually California would start to ween itself off of liberalism.

  35. One of my closest longtime friends is gay. I knew him when he was married to a girl and I know him married to a boy. He is so happy in his second marriage. We went to art school together and share the stress of aging parents. No one can make me laugh like he does. Friends forever-straight or gay. I’m not up in arms about gay marriage.

    Hunting- not a fan trophy or otherwise.

    I’m not a outwardly religious person and sometimes the R party seems too preachy-crossing the line into ‘Tammy Fay Baker’ territory.

  36. Marriage (pervert or not) is NOT a function of the State. The fags only want it because of the goodies that accrue from it. There should be NO goodies associated with marriage. The point of marriage is the smooth succession of the patrimony – and the fulfillment of obligations towards offspring.

    Income Taxes are Immoral. PERIOD.

    Every Congressional District should pay an equal portion of the Federal Budget. Every Congressional District is entitled to an equal portion of Federal protection and the fulfillment of Federal obligations.

  37. Oh boy, the gay stuff.

    Some here will remember my wife of twenty one years died suddenly in 2011.

    The ONE person that proved to be the one, family or not (not family) that kept an eye on me after the tidal wave, was a lesbian.

    My best gay girlfriend.

    She never let go, always worried about me. Propped me up when I was coming apart at the seams. I leaned on her hard. And she was always there.

    If you met her, I doubt she would set off your ‘gaydar’. Two weeks ago we replaced an exterior door at her house. Because she knows I can run a miter saw. It was her saw.

    Lord, bless that woman. I have doubts I’d be on the planet today without her.

  38. This is my position from years past:
    I believe what I believe. You can believe what you believe.
    You share your beliefs as long as you are polite when someone counters your position.

    Now that I have studied history I realized this was a foolish belief.
    There are those who will force their views upon others, either phychologically, physically, by extortion, barrel of a gun, whatever.
    Children are most vulnerable.
    Just read about communists (Gramsci), the moslems, cults.
    They should be searched out and exposed for what they are as soon as possible, before they get into any position of power. If they have reached a position of power they must be resisted with everything free people can muster.
    We may have reached a point in history where this won’t be possible in a peaceful fashion.

  39. Y’know, “conservative” and “liberal” don’t really mean much of anything, anymore. Just as “left” and “right” started out as “Republican” and “Monarchist,” the meanings are so muddled that they mean just about anything to anyone, depending upon the usage.

    “Fascist,” which was the Italian Socialist Party of Mussolini, now means “evil – them other guys – not me!” just as Nazi means the same thing, rather than “National Socialist,” its original meaning.

    But I guess that’s the way it goes.

    The word “izlam” actually means “goat-fucking, rag-headed, Satan-worshipping, murderous, pedophile” but many have lost sight of that. Just as “Barack Hussein Obola” actually means “drug-addled, homosexual, marxist, moslem, Kenyan, butt-sniffing, destroyer of civilization” in Kikuyu.

  40. For me, the key in your question is the word

    What is “prevailing” today on the Right is libertarianism.

    My highest priority is NOT “limited” or the smallest government, though it is highly preferable.

    For me, keep in mind the cliche, “waste fraud and abuse.”

    My priorities are two-fold:
    I want whatever a government does, I want a government to do it RIGHT and AS COST EFFECTIVELY AS POSSIBLE (that’s the waste and abuse part), and

    2) I want as much honesty from those in or working for the government as possible (that’s the fraud part).

    Oh yeah, and for those of you who want to make fun of my #2, please feel free FIRST to tell the idiotic ideologically crippled libertarians to shove it up their collective individualistic asses. (as in the Monty Python “Life of Brian” schene where he tells the crowds to “think for yourselves! you’re individuals!” and one in the crowd says “I’m not!” and promptly gets pummelled….)

    Another reference…ask Ben Franklin answered, being asked what sort of Government the Founders chose, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

  41. Marriage is not a union between a man and a woman. Marriage is a covenant between one man, one woman, and God. And “gay marriage” is an attempt to destroy that covenant.

    Pot smokers are much less violent than drunks. Cirrhosis really sucks too.

  42. I think that people who disagree with me about the prevailing populist thought on any topic should be immediately executed by firing squad…um check that…ah g’d ol’ fashun hangin’…on second thought…death by a toxic combination of lethal ingredients…or maybe…a sharp admonition with the Star Spangled Banner playing in the background…or maybe a loop of Bernie Sanders stump speeches instead. God this site is great!

  43. @Lowell: Anyone can be anti-gay (I know I was) until they meet someone like your friend, who makes them realize that we are all human beings on this earth, struggling to make our way as best we can in life, and that we should help each other as much as we are able to while we are here. Lord knows there is enough hatred out there. Why add to it for no reason?

    Best wishes to you and your friend. Cherish her for as long as you live, because it sounds like she’s one in a million, gay or straight.

  44. ENOUGH of this “homo tolerance” shit!!!

    To me, it’s like if someone had said, “I was stuck on a lonely dark road, and this nice Nazi helped me switch out my flat tire” nonsense.

    Whether someone is homosexual or not is one thing.

    The homo lobby is a totalitarian, ideological movement whic can ONLY be stopped by being ERADICATED.

    Enjoy your homo friends while you have them.
    MEANING: while they’re still your “friends.”


    THE LONE RANGER: “Tonto! What do we do, now that we’re surrounded by these savages?!”
    TONTO: What you mean WE, white man?”

  45. I am constantly and endlessly impressed with the thoughtful and intelligent discussion here. Really, this is just the opposite of the “knee-jerk” reaction to everything on the other side.
    It’s nice to see (although I knew all along) that we share a lot of the same opinions on so much of this stuff. It only burns me when stereotypes are heaped upon conservatives because we don’t cheer the liberal narrative.
    For instance, I’ll bet just about everyone here has gay co-workers, friends, relatives, loved ones, etc, but just because we don’t want the definition of marriage changed we’re some kind of “phobe.” Personally, I never cared what two or three consenting adults did in the privacy of their own homes as long as it didn’t involve force or kids. Libs on the other hand, embrace disgusting molesters like Lena Dunham and Bill Clinton.
    OK, I have to make my own confession here: I have NO interest whatsoever in any sport played with a ball. Does that count? I do like to play baseball but that’s it. And if the sport involves dirt bikes I’m all in.

  46. Don’t tread on me includes leaving two homosexuals alone.
    BUT, I also think Americans reserve the right to think it disgusting and should not be required to enter reeducation, etc.

    And don’t force the church to participate in any celebrations of your homosexual union.

    The gay “mafia” needs to be smashed, not gays.

  47. From irony:”And if the sport involves dirt bikes I’m all in.”

    Speak more of this to me. I got this bike for a while now (Suzuki DR-650) that looks like a dirt bike on steroids. It’s damn near 400 pounds wet, tall as hell, and wants to run over curbs, drive up steps, and likewise misbehave while I ride the damn hog around.

    Is there any hope?

  48. Best thread ever BFH, I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s opinion in an open and non derogatory format. Thank you.

  49. No problem with what you say, Fur…

    IN PRACTICE, it’s as much SUICIDE as “tolerating”
    mexican illegals and muzzies…
    …but just the nice ones!”

    p.s. I would have said that Irony Curtain must GO!…except that the Czarina and I ride bikes, too. (ya got by…by JUST THAT MUCH, Irony!) 😉

  50. Lowell,
    The taking of a life comment. On the money. You sound like your LEO. I train a lot too. About 3 month ago our range purchased some of the plastic 3d targets with the red powder that blows out of them with a hit. That kind of make you think a little bit. Before we just liked the sound of the steel.

  51. I believe all bike paths should be turned into walking paths, and that bikers should be required to ride on the street and follow all of the rules of the road, like a car does. Otherwise they should be ticketed/fined. There. I said it. The Tamminator.

  52. From Brad: “Lowell,
    The taking of a life comment. On the money. You sound like you’re LEO.”

    No, much worse. First Cav in the 70’s. Promoted really (too) fast because I wasn’t an idiot. Trained by NCO’s just back from the ‘Nam.

    Taught why we have to de-humanize the enemy. Why that’s necessary to enable non-snake eaters (bulk of the Army) to be able to kill. Things the grunts don’t get exposed to until they get far enough up in the Big Green Machine to not just say “No.”

    Why we engineer ‘kill or be killed’ situations on the battlefield. Things we hide from civilians, and E-4’s and below. It’s just too ugly.

  53. @Lowell
    That Suzuki sounds like a beast. Mine was WAY lighter. I had a ’74 Honda Elsinore (it’s a classic now) with a revolutionary magnesium frame and engine. You could pick it up with one hand, which is why it flew like a rocket around the dirt.
    It’s on my bucket list to buy a fully restored one now and to start risking my life again.

  54. I’m gonna take a beating but I can’t resist……

    The idea that everyone’s own opinion is valid and right is a false narrative. Not everyone can be right with different opinions. Someone has to be wrong.

    The ultimate question is, who decides what is right and wrong? The government? Ha! That’ll end well. The individual? Please, we all got issues.


    Well, that’s the profound question, isn’t it? And there is only one logical answer……….

  55. @Irony & Lowell –
    My brother just bought 90 acres in WV that is wooded, with lots of trails running through it. It’s 2 hours from my house. He says I can ride dirt bikes there.
    I haven’t ridden dirt bikes since the early 80’s.
    I was thinking of getting something less radical than an elsinore so I don’t end up destroying my back or other bones.
    Something like an XL250.

  56. This might not sound like much, but I HATE toy guns that look like real ones. I’m not really into having to pass laws, but I just wish the toy companies would make them only with garish colors and not just some little orange tip….

  57. @ Jethro: “I was thinking of getting something less radical than an elsinore so I don’t end up destroying my back or other bones.”

    There is absolutely nothing radical about a DR-650. Like I said, it’s a pig. I’ll be 56 this summer and not anything like wild about the way I ride anymore. Too old, too stiff, too scared of the ER.

    But heavy and old tech as it is, it just runs over shit and don’t misbehave. Point it where you want to go, touch of throttle and that massive torque just rides you over or through it. Lot like a horse that knows how to keep the saddle under your ass. Absolutely the most forgiving and predictable bike I’ve ever sat across.

    If you want to ride serious single track, it ain’t what you want. That weight thing.

  58. Pot = Alcohol?
    You guys are talking out of your asses.

    I have abused both in the past and I have NEVER hallucinated by drinking too much alcohol.

    The pot these days is so strong I will never touch the shit again.
    The last time I had incredible hallucinations and a three day hangover. Yes, three days.
    I say this while enjoying a margarita.

    A pot addled society is fucking worthless.
    I would rather my bus driver be buzzed on beer than hallucinating on pot brownies because he might swerve to avoid a unicorn in the middle of the road. As the stoned bastard drives us over a cliff.

    I agree that we shouldn’t fill the prisons with stoners.
    Let the Stoner States of America break federal law.
    Florida rejects a lot of pot legalization attempts, including the bullshit medicinal argument.

    You cannot tell me that pot doesn’t affect the brain in a very negative fashion.
    At least if someone has an alcohol problem, you have more tells.
    A stoner could have had a couple of pot brownies for breakfast.
    You won’t know until he fails to release the pressure on a pressure vessel you are servicing and it blows your head off.

  59. Lowell, I am glad you admitted to being a hypocrite after questioning my sincerity about taking someone’s life.
    Lets just say I have a colorful past.
    I sleep fine, too.

    Just think, that rat bastard that killed all those innocent people in a theatre in Aurora, Colorado is serving life and not a death penalty.
    Fair? I would kill that fucker with my bare hands without a second thought.

    The punk fucker that bombed the Boston Marathon is on death row.
    Fair? Yes, but he needs to be put down as soon as possible.

  60. ……..To muddjuice –

    The ultimate question is, who decides what is right and wrong? The government? Ha! That’ll end well. The individual? Please, we all got issues.


    Well, that’s the profound question, isn’t it? And there is only one logical answer……….

    Me 🙂

  61. Drink Everclear and get back to me.

    Believe me, I’ve been down the road of every argument anyone who is anti-pot but pro-alcohol can throw at you, and they simply do not have the logical argument.

    One substance you drink, the other you burn.

  62. No way Fur.
    You are dead wrong physiologically on this one.
    Please explain why I could find some THC in your hair a month after you ingest pot but not any % of alcohol in the bloodstream after eight hours?

    I am not defending alcohol out of personal preference.

  63. BFH, I feel your pain. I have a liberal out laws from Texas, they live in lily white Aurora IL, blame Bush and the Republicans and White conservatives for everything, they raised 2 fat butch, men hating dyke lesbians who hate my guts. Think I worry about them? Not!

  64. From Loco: “Lowell, I am glad you admitted to being a hypocrite after questioning my sincerity about taking someone’s life.
    Lets just say I have a colorful past.
    I sleep fine, too.”

    I won’t lie to you. It’s why I use my real name online everywhere I visit. Keeps me honest.

    I like this thread. Seems we all dropped our metaphorical towels at the door. Like talking among my friends. We’ll happily gore each other’s oxes, but listen to the anguished reply. Then usually make fun of that. We play rough.

    Nothing new to some here. You might be one of those. I hope so.

  65. I agree with you about trophy hunting. Eat what you kill and don’t take smiling pictures with it.

    I believe marriage should be between a man and a woman, but I don’t object to civil unions for homosexuals. I think they are damaged people, but people nonetheless, and love and hurt just like the rest of us.

  66. You cannot and will not have a civil society without certain morals and ethics and values being “imposed” on everyone, equally. The Founders understood this.

    That’s why one said, and I’m paraphrasing, that the Constitution was established for a religious people, when we cease to be that, this grand experiment called America will fail.

    Religious meant God-fearing. Christians and those with a deep understanding of Judeo-Christian ethics.

    Not islam. Not Buddhism. Not Hinduism.

    The Founders inherently understood this. Read their extra writings……

  67. Loco,
    does length of time in the system equate to being worse for you?

    Alcohol can poison you to death in one session.
    Pot can’t.

  68. Fur, Loco, I’ve had experience with both. Alcohol is me, pot a family member. Both are dead loser. I smoke pot once when I was 18. Not the same weed as it was back then. Loco alcohol will shut down vital organs. No question. They both suck. Sometimes an escape is not really an escape.

  69. My main issue is that saying pot is equivalent to alcohol is like saying anything that swims in the sea is a fish.

    Alcohol is a depressant while pot is a hallucinogen.

    Equating the two is like what MY liberal brother would do.
    Therefore I empathize with you. He had a BuckFush sticker on his car with his young kids and liberal wife. I asked if that was cool to display to a seven year old?

    I agree that we shouldn’t fill the prisons with casual pot smokers.
    The shit is dangerous and it doesn’t get the press, but there are many studies out that find the destruction it can cause.

    My question is, do you believe that pot, meth, cocaine, prescription drugs, etc should all be legal?

    The thing is pot is very destructive to society,
    That said, I believe man has reached his apex.
    Schools and liberals already dumb everyone down.
    Pot addled society does the same.
    Generations of strong pot usage will destroy mankind even more.

    The pot today isn’t even close to the pot of the 60-70’s.
    I doubt anyone would argue that point.

    I think it is fine that states vote it in or out, but I know for a fact the destructive chemicals in pot, and that it not being regulated.

    I can buy tequila at 80 proof or Kentucky Bourbon at 100 proof.
    I know what I am getting every single time.
    If you think pot is the same as alcohol is naive in the least and borders on an argument Bernie Sanders would make.

  70. I’m an atheist. Not militant about it, and love people who have religious beliefs. But I have zero interest in theology. Just don’t ‘get it.’ But that’s me, since age three….

    Makes things awkward at Tea Party meetings – when everybody at by table starts chatting about their latest church activities. I sort of smile blandly, glance down at my coffee, and wait til the conversation moves on to the latest world-destroying antics of the Left…

  71. Pam, you mean you don’t believe there’s an invisible Guy in the Sky? Tsk, tsk…what’s the world coming to these days?

    (P.S. – Just kidding around, of course. Don’t want anybody getting upset here.)


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