Loesch Says She Wouldn’t Have Gotten Out of Town Hall Without Security Detail

The Town Hall itself proved the necessity for possessing a firearm.

The dumb mob would have attacked her, and she would have needed a gun to shoot them to keep the fascist morons from inflicting bodily harm if she didn’t have security escorting her to safety.

You see, 2A guarantees 1A.

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25 Comments on Loesch Says She Wouldn’t Have Gotten Out of Town Hall Without Security Detail

  1. This animals kids was saying to her kill her and another word about sexual stuff. I want to now were is this animals parents.

  2. The question’s none of these kids are asking or answering is why are we shooting ourselves in our schools? Guns don’t shoot themselves. Wake up kids. You’re a bigger part of the solution.

  3. In their desperation to promote a narrative that will save the party, outfits like CNN have over played their hand. Now their unethical behavior is becoming the narrative.

  4. I wonder how many of these kids bullied the shooter?

    Just saw that the armed resource officer took position but did not enter the building and engage the shooter. His name is Scot Peterson.

    There are MANY levels of blame in this tragedy but none of them include the weapon,

  5. ” Guns don’t shoot themselves”

    Not according to that idiot Democrat on the CNN town bash the conservatives last night. He screamed “People don’t kill people, guns do”. AND THE CROWD WENT WILD. So what’s that 19 year old doing in jail then. Turn him loose and put the gun on trial. Stupid fxcks.

  6. It’s getting worse every time we have one of these events. I can see this is going to end up in a bloody civil war between the Right and the left, or should I say the Right and the commie bastards.

  7. Brad, I thought the exact same thing earlier today. I heard the audio of the punk who asked Rubio about taking NRA money. I couldn’t believe how over-the-top it was.

    This kid needed to be rebuked for what he said.

    Self Defense includes standing up and calling out the LIES used against you.

  8. There’s a dude that launches satellites and a convertible into space at 1/10th of what NASA charges. He is recorded saying AI is the most dangerous technology extant.

    No way I’m going to be denied a “firearm in common usage” for self defense against SkyNet. Hurry up with those Phased Plasma Rifles and railguns, Elon.

    Come and take it commies. I ain’t gettin any younger.

  9. She should have just told them that our constitutional rights are not up for negotiation with people who eat Tide pods.

  10. CNN simply took Orwell’s “Two Minute Hate” and expanded it to an hour.

    With an NRA spox standing in for Emanuel Goldstein.

    Cheap and easy to produce and cheap and easy to Tweet about afterwards. Look for CNN to double down on more of these.

    And it would be a HUGE ratings Coup for CNN if the Evil Conservative gets assaulted, live on the air, by the “outraged audience”.
    Jerry Springer style.
    Ratings gold.

    This is where they’re heading. Time for Pai and the FCC to do their duty regulating the public’ s airwaves.

    And one Dana Loesch is worth a thousand Leftist scumbags.

  11. Who would show up for a circular firing squad? Same with Rubio. You know it was a setup. Without targets it would’ve been just another echo chamber night on CNN.

    Are Democrats ever held to account for not appearing on FOX? Stop playing their game.

  12. Rubio’s a fucking idiot. He got rolled by Schumer. He got rolled by Tapper.

    He walked into that room thinking he was going to win them over and got exposed again for what a pandering lightweight, salsa blanco he is.

  13. They should not have appeared in person it was all a set up. Republicans should only appear
    I have written Ann Coulter about risking her life. It’s not worth it.


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