LOL- ANTIFA/BLM Dope Tries To Block Pickup Truck With His Motorcycle —– Priceless

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  1. He ran over my motorcycle! All I was doing was trying to stop him so we could drag him out of his truck and beat the crap out of him. Why did he have to react like that?

  2. 🎶I get no kick from champagne.

    But I get a major boner watching leftist retards getting their personal property destroyed by guys with pickups. Put on a loop video and I could watch it all night.

  3. LOL, dumbass.
    I’ll be headed out on a trip Friday. Riding the TWAT.
    (Trans Wisconsin Adv Trail)
    Need to get away from the nonsense for a while, clear my head.
    Rubber side down. Armed.

  4. I imagine the guy in the truck was afraid for his life. He was probably correct in that assumption. Good move to get the hell out of there.

  5. I hope once he got down the road a mile or two he cracked open the gas tank and struck a match to finish it off.

  6. The bad news in this is that he drove home and the antifas followed him. Now they know where he lives and where he parks his truck.

  7. Looked like the little Toyota. The chick Toyota. I think it’s a Tacoma. Irony not lost. Tacoma is Portland lite. Right?

    A real man drives a Tundra. Little stuff, like six pointers, bounce off it like floating soap bubbles.

  8. Get a man truck. Something that hauls full sheets of plywood and hippie creeps run from In abject terror.
    There are two kinds of trucks. Man trucks and those little things that mommy drives back from the garden center with wonderful azaleas that would be so perfect near your porch swing.

    Why am I such an asshole tonight?

    I really am being an asshole tonight.

    I apologize.

  9. @PHenry ~ I just love watching all those ‘guys’ w/ their ‘inadequacies & insecurities’ try to park their behemoth Dodge Rams, Ford F350’s, Chevy Silverado’s & Tundras … especially the one’s w/ the crew cabs & dual rear wheels … hilarious

    oh, & as an added bonus, watch these guys trying to back a trailer (especially one down a boat ramp …. pull up a lawn chair & a full cooler … hours of free entertainment!)

    … & the ‘ladies’ trying to maneuver one around a parking lot is absolutely cringe-worthy

  10. There is no middle ground on this issue, @molon.
    I love my Tundra and I can waltz it through tight parking and back my trailer into a tight spot as easily as grandpa settling into a warm bath.

    I did warn that I was in a asshole mood tonight, right?

    I guess I have seen enough stupid at work and on the news this week to say to a perfect stranger….

    Ahh. Forget it.
    I’m snarling at friends.
    Some days are just like that.

    You know how it goes some days.

  11. OK. Now I am really going to tell you why I am so angry, frustrated and lashing out.

    I have volunteered to put up a tent,table and booth to replace the Republican Party of Virginia chairman. I can’t get one scintilla of information about what’s about to happen and it is two weeks away.

    Good old Blackface has us stymied, not even the party or the candidates know what’s happening. Trust me. I am asking. Intentional dysfunction is what is happening.

    I feel a pig pile rat fucking is in the works but the candidates will pose for pictures if you want one for your mantle.


  12. Try calling the state RNC for the DC branch. If they are screwing you around go. over their heads until you get the info or someone who can get back to you with the correct stuff.
    You could end up saving the state for the President!

  13. I ride a motorcycle (American made). Do not expect me to try and stop a truck by laying it down in front of the vehicle. Idjit

  14. Trump should clear his schedule tomorrow and invite this guy to the Rose Garden to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

    The guy has balls

  15. Those of us raised driving trucks have no problem parking them, although some businesses painted their parking spots for apparently little compact cars that even a sedan is too wide for. We also have no issues backing up 30 ft stock trailers, so a little boat trailer is nothing.

    If you’re going to have a truck, you need a real truck that can tow or haul, otherwise you might as well drive a car.

  16. @ Bad_Brad AUGUST 5, 2020 AT 10:41 PM

    He got home and climbed out of his truck packing a lunch box, cell phone charger and a hand gun. Told the idiots who followed him home to fuck off and went inside.

    Video @ JDHasty AUGUST 5, 2020 AT 10:19 PM

  17. A half ton is a light truck, anything bigger is farm equipment. Too much of a PITA to park in town. FWIW, my F150 SCREW Lariat was ordered w/Max Tow and has 12,400 lb tow rating. It doesn’t beat your back up either. My last F150 had Max Tow & Max Payload and rode like a one ton. I found that anything heavy enough to need Max Payload, I’m putting in the trailer and towing it. Both have four wheel disc brakes that are as big around as a trash can lid.

  18. Considering today’s situations, I’d have stopped in a (distant from home) parking lot to remove the last of the bike parts, then head on down the freeway away from home for a day or two.
    Oh, and cover the license plate/turn off the light.

  19. @ Jethro AUGUST 5, 2020 AT 7:54 PM

    I don’t think he feared for his life so much as he figured it was better to get the hell out of there before he had to kill some dumb bastard that was threatening his life.

  20. The only thing funnier, John Wayne shooting bicyclists.
    I love my 2008 Toy Tundra, 36K miles, barely broke in.
    When I first got it, I would scratch the pavement every time I left a stop light, touchy throttle and super low towing gear.
    I think that thing will tow a house, it’s a tractor, gas mileage kinda sucks around town, on the highway that 6th gear helps a bunch.

  21. I had a 1995 Ford Ranger 3.0L V6 with 5 speed stick for nine years – longes I’ve owned a vehicle.
    I got a 2004 Ford F-150 Lariat crew cab but only kept it about two years, trading it off for a Honda Accord.
    Too many of the new Ford trucks are coming out with tiny ecoboost engines. New Ranger only has 2.3 L turbo ecoboost 4 with automatic. Wish they still had a V6 and stick shift.

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