LOL! “Chief Media Correspondent”

Patriot Retort: It goes without saying that last week’s biggest media-related news story was the ABC News scandal revealed by Project Veritas last week.

The initial story — that ABC news spiked an exposé on Jeffrey Epstein three years ago — was explosive in and of itself.  But as the week progressed, the scandal metastasized.  ABC News attempted to ferret out the whistleblower who gave Project Veritas the video.  Then CBS News collaborated with ABC and fired a former ABC News producer who was now working for them.  Only, the young woman CBS News fired was not Project Veritas’ source.

This wasn’t just the biggest media scandal of last week. It was the biggest media scandal of the year.

You would think, would you not, that CNN’s Chief Media Correspondent Brian Stelter would’ve been all over this story.

I mean, he is the Chief Media Correspondent for CNN.  It’s right smack in his wheelhouse.

But on his Sunday program “Reliable Sources,” Jeff Zucker’s little mini-me didn’t even mention it. read more

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  1. @RadioMattM; and the bonus is that she gets access to 2 very, very deep pockets. With the right Judge and jury she could get a record settlement.

  2. Wanna be happier and less stressed? Ignore CNN, and talk about something else. I mean, what else would we be talking about?

    Why let these irrelevant lib fools hog the news here?


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