LOL- CNN Attacked By “Protesters”

Cerebral midgets at CNN comment live as the domestic terrorist movement THEY EMBRACED turns on them. Remember when they praised Antifa? – c. steven tucker

Personally, I’m enjoying this-

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  1. It’s ok with me, because i don’t consider CNN employees to be persons, much in the same way that CNN employees don’t consider babies to be persons.
    CNN employees are just clumps of cells, and i’m not bothered by them being attacked. It was probably for the convenience of the person who was the attacker, so what’s the problem?

    I have the same right to decide who i think qualifies as a person as CNN employees do. And to me, they are not persons and there is no obligation to protect them.

  2. Not to be outdone by other cities the chimps of Atlanta weigh in. It’s chrimuh in June. Time to get that free shit. Not one of those assholes give a damn about Floyd.

  3. Congrats CNN, you’ve been throwing so much chum in the waters since this happened and now you’ve got a whopper on the line.

  4. Wonder how many protestors there would be if people had to go to work everyday? Open it up!

  5. The science behind masks is dubious at best.
    Before this virus, all the authorities were on the side that said masks are not worth it.

    There is one reason and one reason only for these mask orders. The scammers are doubling down on thier incompetencies. They are forcing us to wear masks as a symbol of how ‘dangerous’ the virus is. It’s like forcing people to wear one of those idiotic homo pride symbols on your lapel. They are just forcing you to take the side of the ‘pandemic’ scammers.

    But the real question is, where. in. the. hell. are. the. republican. judges. to. shut. down. these. orders.

    They’re hiding under their beds just like republican congressmen.

    I predict Trump’s order against socail media companies won’t see the light of day. A liberal judge will shut it down. But our judges won’t do shit.

    Its just one more reason the republican party disgusts me.

  6. I wonder if the rest of the summer we’ll have “Friday Night Riots” to watch. Like roller derby.

  7. Why does no one seem to connect this to it’s cause, the growing undercurrent of anger over the lockdown and total disruption of our society starting to burst forth in public chaos?

    Do people really not realize that this was the purpose of the corona lockdown attack, the complete disruption and destruction of current society and social norms to create an atmosphere that will lead to an oppressive government takeover of the way people are allowed to live?

    No wonder they are are winning and we are losing, we don’t even understand how they are fighting us.

  8. “But the real question is, where. in. the. hell. are. the. republican. judges. to. shut. down. these. orders.”

    On the side of those giving the orders for the most part, along with most of the Republican politicians who are going along with it so the Leftists won’t say bad things about them.

  9. They told me antifas were very much like our soldiers on D-Day. How does it feel to be the Nazis, CNN?

  10. A good portion of the “protesters” were not from the ATL area. We had agitators come in and spread their carnage in our city.

    The legacy of “Civil Rights” in Atlanta was destroyed by thugs and animals last night.

  11. I have said that if these lockdowns of Democrat controlled areas don’t end soon the result is going to be riots.

    They demonstrably have a population with a critical mass that have impulse control issues, to say the least, and then you lock the bastards up and take away their sporting events and other avenues of entertainment…. you think just making sure their pot shops remain open and stocked is going to keep them under control? Yea right.

    Look, they are not going to find anything productive to occupy their time with. It’s not like they are going to find some way to keep themselves occupied doing something that will improve their lives.

    The Democrats know what the Romans knew that bread and circuses were essential to keeping the peace in the inner cities and the Democrats have taken away their circuses. Was this by design?

  12. …N.B. to CNN, revolutions always eat their own children. Ask Robespierre how that works.

    …but eating children is a thing you guys know well, isn’t it, just in another context, or perhaps in a “pizza”…

    …ok then, if you cuddle a snake, let’s say a big, Black Mamba snake, it will NOT be grateful and eat you LAST, the beast is ALL appetite and NO brain, just as YOU made it…

  13. NY 1965, immense blackout. Once the radio reported looting had begun in NYC it was over as fast as it started. Gov. Rockefeller, Mayor Lindsey and the cops weren’t gonna play that game. The Governors and Mayors in these shit-holes are like modern day parents trying to be their kid’s best friend instead of a parent. It’s all about the “I hope they still like me.” It’s pathetic.


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