LOL- Cost of Shutdown Eclipses Cost of Wall

The democrats have managed to illustrate, in stark colors, why the government needs to be permanently shut down except for absolute bare essentials.

These people are idiots.


There is growing evidence the cost of the partial government shutdown now exceeds President Donald Trump’s $5.7 billion request to build a barrier at the U.S.-Mexican border.

Standard & Poor’s Global Ratings estimates that the U.S. economy loses approximately $1.2 billion each week that 25 percent of the government remains closed, according to CNBC.


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  1. yeah, but think of all the money we’re gonna save when the RIF’s start

    from the article … “… came up with these figures by looking at costs related to the shutdown including lost productivity by furloughed workers ….”

    ‘lost productivity’ … by non-essential employees

  2. Nah. S&P is wrong, wrong, wrong! The government *saves* $1.2 billion every week the idiots are kept off our backs. …..Lady in Red

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  4. The best question to ask right now is “why?” Why are we paying a plug nickel for 100’s of thousands of gov’t functionaries that were never contemplated by our Constitution? Why has our gov’t grown to a point that entire zip codes in this country are populated by gov’t employees and — by no coincidence — they are also the richest demographics in the country?

    Why do we get distracted from these question so easily by false choices? Why are we paying billions for the maintenance and legal expenses of alien illegals? Why are we putting up with it? Last time I checked, this gov’t “of the People” doesn’t produce or manufacture anything that creates a profit. All “their” money is OUR money.

    As has been said: “We fought a ten year war against the biggest enemy force in the world over a tax on a breakfast beverage.”

    What the hell happened to us?

  5. Well, we run out of food stamp money in a couple weeks. Some Dems are already panicked. I don’t think Trumps gonna blink. He’s having to much fun wrecking Pelosi.

  6. HOW IN THE HELL is it possible for the cost of the shutdown to be more than the cost of the wall….. In a LOGICAL world shutting down the government SAVES MONEY….meaning we are spending LESS. Who comes up with this bullsh*t.

  7. Speaking of eclipses AA wants to know if she needs to wear her NASA approved sun glasses to watch the Lunar Eclipse tonight. We had a good laugh over that question. I told her Mr. Sun was in bed.

  8. Funny thing is while the economy reportedly loses a bunch from the shutdown, B. Hussein wasn’t able to get even half as good an economy while the government plowed full speed 100%, the FED at 500% and the food stamps with 99 week unemployment at 800%. All the while everyone backed him, “never let a good crisis goto waste,” and “we have to spend more money to get out of this debt crisis.” What was he.. the first president in history to never get better than 2% GDP growth? LOL.

  9. 800,000 workers at an average annual salary of $35,000 (and that’s probably low) is $28 BILLION per year or $76.7 million per DAY. The cost of not paying them for the month they weren’t on the job (note I didn’t say “working”) was $2.3 BILLION… so far. That’s just in salaries – it doesn’t include facilities, travel, supplies, etc., or the costs these bureaucrats add to every human endeavor with their endless rules, regulations, and general bullshittery. There has been no financial “loss” from their absence at their desks even though, unfortunately, this will be a furlough with back pay if PDJT doesn’t RIF them.

  10. This shows the folly of counting government spending as part of GDP – it’s gross domestic PRODUCT , not PARASITES

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