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LOL- JP Interviews Biden

Did you sniff her?


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  1. Just say no to Satan, Right on JP. When you understand the singular driving force behind the Demonrats agenda it all makes sense.

    That interview was the real Adolph Pedo McDipshit.

  2. “150 million Americans died from guns and another 120 million from COVID-19”, “JOBS is a three letter word”, “This is a big fukin deal”, “Stand up Chuck”, “You ain’t Black”, “Lying dog-faced pony soldier”, “Clap for that, you stupid bastards”, “You’re full of shit”, “I don’t work for you”, “my favorite flavor is synonym”, “trunalimunumaprzure” word-botching, stats-fumbling, money-laundering, demented, crayon-eating, window-licking, muttering, stuttering, mumblin, stumblin Jackass Joe. Here we have an imbecile that not even Karl Childers wants to be associated with who loves to drink, tell off-color dwarf jokes, give dull parties, cheap presents, nothing to charity, can’t count past three and loves playing mumbly-peg with dim-witted quadrupeds whose age shot past his IQ 25 years ago… putting him somewhere between “idiot” and “moron”. After almost five decades of treading water, plagiarizing his college papers, plagiarizing his speeches, lying about his grades, lying about his IQ lying about his accomplishments (how ’bout none in a half a century), bragging about being on the take, etc, etc, this moron is known by a plethora of names including:
    Adolph Pedo McDipshit
    Jackass Joe
    Traitor Joe
    Joe Xiden
    Bullshit Biden
    Bolshevik Biden
    Chancellor (Cancellor) Biden
    Brain-Dead Dipshit
    Joseph Stolen
    Slow Joe
    Sleepy Joe
    Dumb Shit Joe
    Pedo Joe
    Quid-Pro-Quo Joe
    Captain Crap Weasel
    Joe ZeDung
    Squint Eastwood
    The Grinning Imbecile
    Commander Numbnutz Bumblefuk
    Mr. Stinky-Pinky
    pResident Assterisk
    pResident Pappy Poopy Pants
    pResident Potted Plant
    Ole Slingblade with a poop knife
    President Butt-Pick
    Alibi Joe (it’s Trump’s fault)
    In Juárez he’s known as Commander Maximo Fucktardo

  3. ….don’t………don’t………don’t…….

    …great answer here and in the 60 minutes interview…….

    …… don’t……..

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