LOL- The Two Buzzfeed Idiots Contradict Each Other


Co-authors of sketchy BuzzFeed report can’t even get their stories straight.

Anthony Cormier told CNN he hadn’t seen any of the evidence his unnamed sources told him about (that Cohen was directed by the president to lie to congress.)

His partner in idiocy, Jason Leopold, on another lefty network, said they have seen the evidence.

Stephen Miller@redsteeze


Stephen Miller @redsteeze

8 Comments on LOL- The Two Buzzfeed Idiots Contradict Each Other

  1. Dangerous idiots. There must be some law these people are breaking. How can you continually make serious accusations without proof and not be breaking a law? Slander? False statements? Lying to the FBI is illegal but lying to the American people on TV daily is legal? WTF?

  2. Buzzfeed


    euphemism for a tiny clinging fragment of lint and feces, or something possessing equivalent value.

  3. Through this singular act of cretinism, both have a clearly established
    their eligibility for a golden Darwin award.

  4. They are desperate, and it puts them right where The Donald wants them.
    Write your best words for them on the soles of your shoes Mr. President.

  5. It is being reported that Cohen has been extremely tortured to LIE. Think our honorable Communist government wouldn’t resort to that? Well, that is what Communists have always done. I have seen the photo of Cohen coming out of his “hospital” surgery (torture) confinement and he looks in misery, mental and physical– black eye and arm in sling. Of course, the lying MSM always reports the truth, never.

  6. Leopold was fired by Slate for making up a story in 2006 that Rove was crying in the Oval office telling Bush he was about to be arrested. He was fired from the LA Times for threatening a colleague and he has admitted to addiction and mental illness.

    Perfect resume for a lefty propagandist, no?


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