LOL- Trump Trolls Biden With Killer Meme

HT/ Beachmom

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  1. I’m going to miss owning the libs after they’ve finished destroying themselves, but there will still be plenty of idiots in the world to mock.

  2. @refuse/resist According to Chris Plante, this Spanish language song translates to something like…
    I want to slowly kiss your neck and whisper in your ear. I want to slowly undress you.

    I will look it up.

  3. …honestly, I’m only surprised that Biden didn’t put a gigantic tourist Sombrero on and do the “Mexican Hat Dance”…

  4. Biden the Un-Vampire. Could be a fun troll meme, too.

    Joe doesn’t come out at night. Not even late afternoon.

    “… Indeed, most of Biden’s appearances are early in the day. He may do this because he tires easily and, by afternoon, is running on empty.

    Rush, though, posits that Biden may be suffering from sundowning, something strongly associated with dementia in the elderly, especially with Alzheimer’s. Sundowning is so named because it consistently appears as the sun is setting…” .

  5. Despacito means Go Slow.

    Greezy Joe and his followers want to turn all of us Conservatives into Soylent Green and feed us to the homeless. Marketed as Soylento Verde to the Hispanic community, Greezy Joe is so clueless that he doesn’t know Soy Lento means “I Am Slow” in Spanish.


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