London City Airport Closed After WWII Bomb Discovered

LONDON (AP) – All flights in and out of London City Airport were canceled Monday after a 500-kilogram (1,100-pound) unexploded World War II-era bomb was found nearby in the River Thames.

The Metropolitan Police service cleared an area within 214 meters (700 feet) of the bomb, including several residential streets, as officers worked with specialists from the Royal Navy to remove the device.

Local officials offered emergency accommodations to residents, as the Newham Council local authority said work to remove the bomb would continue into Tuesday.  more

6 Comments on London City Airport Closed After WWII Bomb Discovered

  1. Jpm, great catch.

    Obama’s got plenty to spare: he’s been giving the American people his middle finger for years now, and yet he still manages to have plenty left.

  2. The Brits did a TV series in 1979 about ordnance called “Danger UXB.” I watched it once but there was no Python slapstick, so I turned it off.


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