London Hits Highest Levels of Knife Crime – Ever!

Breitbart Europe: One in five adults in England and Wales experienced crime last year whilst London has hit its highest ever level of knife crime, according to statistics.

For the year ending June 2018, homicide has risen by 14 percent, violent crime involving blades or knives by 12 percent, sexual offences by 18 percent, and robbery by 22 percent, according to the Crime Survey for England and Wales released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) on Thursday.

In addition, there were rises in theft (eight percent), burglary (two percent), and vehicle-related theft (seven percent) while there was a 30 percent increase in police-recorded public order offences.  MORE





Lawless London: Man Stabbed Outside Home After Taking a Stand ‘Against Local Drug Dealers’.

Breitbart Europe: A community activist has been allegedly beaten and stabbed to death by a gang on his London estate after reportedly confronting local drug dealers during London’s violent crime wave.

Ian Tomlin, a former boxer who drove buses for the elderly and disabled, had spoken to drug dealers and asked them not to sell near his home, locals and family claimed, with some saying the police had lost control of the area.

The victim, 46, was beaten to death in Battersea, south London, and found collapsed outside his own home on Wednesday night. Medics spent 45 minutes trying to resuscitate him before he was pronounced dead at the scene, the Evening Standard reports.

His family is understood to live in another flat on the estate nearby and a neighbour who came across the crime scene told the newspaper: “It was like a slaughterhouse.”  MORE

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  1. “Khan has devoted resources to fighting online hate crime and £34 million for green projects while blaming central government for spending cuts; but the mayor’s most recent response to rising crime under his watch has been to launch a programme that aims to treat crime as a “public health” issue.”

    Well, Kahn certainly has his priorities straight. 800# gorilla? What gorilla?

  2. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if Parliament made a law that all steak served in Britain’s restaurants need to be pre-cut into bite-sized pieces because steak knives are too dangerous.
    And license all cooks who use chef’s knives.

  3. They are lost.
    “Officials in London, England, fined roofing contractor Stewart Gosling £300 ($380) because he’d tossed some empty water bottles, sandwich wrappers and chips bags in the back of his van. He was fined for hauling waste without a license. “They were talking about a plastic bag around two feet high, which was filled with rubbish from my lunch,” he said.”

  4. Could you imagine living in a country
    where you can not own a gun ? Drug
    dealers can walk right up to your
    estate and beat/stab you to DEATH!
    Thank God for America.

  5. Speak up about the destruction of your culture and wind up like Tommy Robinson.
    The mindset of the left has taken hold in Europe and it’s well on its way to the same here. The future is in doubt.

  6. “Thirdtwin: “Drinking Fountains” is code for “foot wash stations”

    Footbaths? Those were FOOTBATHS??



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