London is the TB capital of Europe

ExpressUK: MASS migration and poverty have sent rates of tuberculosis in parts of London soaring to levels higher than those in Rwanda, Eritrea and Iraq, according to a new report.

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Experts behind the health study said there was a “clear link” between the potentially fatal infectious disease and migration, and revealed that 80 per cent of sufferers were born abroad.

More than 2,500 new cases of TB were recorded in the capital last year, nearly half of the UK’s annual total.

Dr Onkar Sahota, chair of the London Assembly Health Committee which published the report, called the findings “astounding” and demanded Mayor Boris Johnson take action.

The study said the capital had the unwanted title of “TB capital of Western Europe” for over a decade.  more

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  1. Progressive Londoners should all deliberately get TB to show solidarity with the masses and not be racist and stuff.

  2. there is a very good reason why these countries are rightfully called THIRD WORLD SHITHOLES

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