London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s approval ratings hit record low



Jack Buckby of The Rebel.Media reports: Mayor Sadiq Khan’s approval ratings have hit a record low, according to new polls, but despite this, I’m not so sure this means he’ll lose the next election.

4 Comments on London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s approval ratings hit record low

  1. Well, the Citizens that let all the Muzzies in to rape and pillage their city know what a Muzzie he is. No surprise. He is actually a hero to the Muzzies. -7

  2. Pushed and infected in the search of World Domination has done a 360 on you. Karma bitches! Your total control of the rest of world you did not get with the US, even though real slavery (indented servant-rue) you created, then imported for someone else to deal with and blame. Instead of your greedy idiot wants of the time (Soros like mentally) this is what you did. How ’bout you deal with it this time out? Brit Twits,,

  3. When it comes time for his to campaign, Kahn, or least his surrogates in the media, will assert that voting for Kahn’s opponent would be an islamophobic hate crime.


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