Londoners not amused by climate protesters; take action


Powerline: A radical group called Extinction Rebellion, which purports to be acting on behalf of the Earth’s climate, has caused serious disruptions in England, attempting to shut down airports and other modes of transportation. This morning, the group tried to close down London’s morning commute by climbing on top of subway trains. Commuters did not take kindly to this arrogant and pointless act, as these videos show.

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  1. The old man and the old woman who super glued their hands to the doors, should have had their hands cut off.

  2. Candidates for a the Mother of All Blanket Parties. I would not blame them if they had beat the assholes to a pulp.

  3. Lovin’ it.

    Goddam scumbags trying to keep people from going to work. In the US, they should be arrested for restraint of trade.

  4. About 208 Billion tons of carbon are released into the atmosphere every year.

    Approx. 8 Billion is with the help of man. Or less than 4% of the total.

    Give it a rest, goofs. Your second gripe is with mother nature, spewing over 96% of the yearly evil carbon, the element that gives everyone life. Your first gripe is with God for creating the Sun that warms our planet every single second of every single day. Myself, I’m way down on the list even with all the tires I burn. Algore is several million places above me on the “who we gonna hate for releasing carbon today” list.

    For the visual, the list goes something like this:

    God with sun (unlimited destruction capability)
    Mother nature with 200 Billion points of climate
    . (a bunch of things)
    People like Algore
    (another few million places)
    Tesla/Prius/Solar panel/Wind goofs
    Me and your average joe who burn tires and ride the train
    A burned tire
    A charred piece of fossilized dinosaur

  5. You have to pick your audience
    A subway station full of middle class people just trying to get to work is not the best crowd to do the activist thing

  6. In vid 1
    @0:29 – Frustrated commuter yells out, “Who’s paying for this, mother fucker!”

    In vid 2:
    @0:32 “Don’t do it, don’t do it” – That’s British for do not kill this mate, that protester was being treated to stomping.
    @0:42 – Cheering! That is the second Soy/Incel going down in vid three.

    In vid three:

    @0:20 – when you realized you are FUCKED.
    @0:39 – that guy gave that asshole a quick “hey you get off on your own OR I throw you to the crowd”. And he did.

    Pony tailed Soy/Incel gets pulled down from a mass transit train!

    Pure Scum.


    I want more OUTRAGE, out of pure disgust with actions such as this.

  7. Heyyyyyy!…Wait a minute!…

    Aren’t I made of Carbon atoms too?…and…and…I breathe out carbon dioxide?…OH! My Noodness!…and…and most of the beautiful things (plants, animals, and fish, Oh My!)…have carbon atoms?

    Let’s see… animals exhale carbon dioxide while plants inhale carbon dioxide, and all carbon dioxide caused by humans is 4%…who’s causing the other 96%? Could it be Mother Earth who overcompensates and feeds our food supply?

    So, I think, maybe the Global Swarmists have something else in mind…if they have one.

  8. NOTE:

    “Other 96%” includes oxygen, nitrogen, other minor elements and water mists, essential in the growth of our plant food supply.

    Now, to watch Trump in Dallas.

  9. Note to local protesters:

    Try that on the #Five Train in NYC at 125th st…you’d be lucky to get out alive.

    Or if you want to be True, or Real as we use to say, to your cause, go out on the Cross Bronx Expressway and try that shit there. That’s where the FUMES are. GO annoy the truckers. They would have ‘fun’ with you.

    Or go ahead, ride the top of the front car, maybe your ‘head’ will get taken off at Whitlock Ave.

  10. In the next ten years as the Ice Ages return these guys will be yanking their mufflers off their cars and burning books to raise the carbon level.

  11. A hooked wooden cane would have been handy. Snag the assholes at the ankles and drag their ass right on off. I bought one with sharks teeth and grips plus a nice sharp tip on hooked end. And you can take these almost anywhere.

  12. From Blue Toof: “Throw them on the tracks; you’re already late, who cares?”

    No indeed, that shuts down the trains for hours for the investigation. Handcuff them to a station stanchion with non-standard or broken lock cuffs. Trains not delayed and will take hours for public safety to get them loose.

  13. @Bob M – I thought everyone knew that the Machinery of Capitalism is Oiled by the Blood of the Workers 🚆🚅🚇

  14. Also, Note:

    That humans contribute 0.002% of the averaged 4% carbon dioxide measured in the atmosphere, according to ecp carbon dioxide numbers (above).

    Thanks, Trump in Dallas.


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