Lone Woman Shoots Home Invasion Suspects

A Tucson, Arizona, woman shot and killed one home invasion suspect and fatally wounded another after waking to strange noises in the night.

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  1. A man’s home may be his castle but to this woman her home was a firing range and she shot all bullseyes!

  2. “Tucson.com reports the identity of the alleged invaders as 18-year-old Corey Teixeira and 18-year-old Ali Mohamed.”

    Is it too late to say “Go back to where you came from?”

  3. Ahhhh, there’s nothing like the smell of a homeowner’s gun powder in an early morning burglary attempt.

  4. They were good boys just trying to get money for college.
    It’s getting so they can’t even rob and rape without getting shot now days. Maybe that’s why the left hate the 2 amendment so much?

  5. The fools would have gotten fair warning if they had only bothered to look at the name painted on the mailbox. A. Oakley

  6. Corey Teixeira sure has little, tiny ears. He must not have heard Annie Oakley chamber a round in whatever weapon she had.

    Correction: had little tiny ears.


    COMMENTS: Jus a cheld killet for taking “thing” Are thing more important than people?

    I hope like hell that is Satire…

  8. Cheryl, thank you! I read that and groaned. Proper English must be a dying language like Latin. 🙁

    However, the story was very enjoyable! I prefer happy endings like this. 🙂

  9. I’m always curious as to the weapon involved. In this case, two shot, two dead. Would love to know caliber, number of shots fired, shot placement, etc.

  10. I caught that sentence and cringed, too. I figured that it meant that the one died immediately and the other died later on.

  11. These perps should not be classified as victims of gun violence, but victims of their own stupidity.
    I applaud the lady for defending herself rather than becoming another statistic.

    People who break into other people’s houses deserve what ever they receive.

  12. Headline: Lone Woman Shoots Home Invasion Suspects

    “A steady draw with the speed of light, a cloud of smoke, and a hearty ‘Hi-Yo, Mofos!’. . . The Lone Woman!”



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