Longtime Friend and Supporter No Longer Backs Hillary Clinton

Doug Schoen has withdrawn his support for Hillary because he believes a Hillary win will throw the country into a constitutional crisis. If the candidate for the president is under investigation by the FBI, with an easily understandable and credible reason for the probe, voting for that person is irresponsible.

Here’s Schoen to explain-

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  1. So what, am I supposed to be happy it took this for this idiot to see she was unfit? Whatever.

    I just took a shower after reading the comments on a WaPo piece where they tried to make light of Comey reopening this aspect of the investigation. I swear they could have video tape of her shooting Vince Foster in the head and she would still get 40-50 Million votes.

    Hillary isn’t the problem-the problem is the dem Party would allow her to run expecting that her crimes would be overlooked and she’d be elected. It’s unfuckingreal and such a deep hole that I fear we won’t get out of it in my lifetime.

  2. I also will note that this POS was paid millions by Victor Pinchuk who has openly called for the US to go to war with Russia over the Ukraine. Before that he was paid $40,000/month working for the Clinton Foundation to broker meetings between oligarchs like Pinchuk and Sec/State Clinton.
    Remember how we were being egged on to go to war when Putin put his foot down and hammered Ukraine?

    Yeah, this is the guy that arranged the meetings between Clinton and Pinchuk and you believe he’s worried about a Constitutional crisis? I smell bullshit. There’s definitely an ulterior motive why he threw Hillary under the bus.

    He’s a typical POS “journalist” I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could the triple chinned fuck.

  3. When a good portion of the Democrat’s House and Senate call for her to step down, I’ll give their side credit. Not holding my breath.

  4. I am not giving any of them credit when and IF they decide to come out against Hillary. That goes for RINO’s as well for enabling this corruption and which I am sure they too have a small part of.

  5. Yep – Super Toe – at this point they’ll just be trying to save their own skin by trying to distance themselves from something they helped create.

  6. “Constitutional Crisis” my ass.

    Our Constitution was discarded years ago – around Wilson’s time. Income tax, Bretton Woods, 17th Amendment, the excesses of the SCROTUS (not even considering the unbelievable fact that Elena Kagan is sitting), “laws” created out of bullshit rulings, $20 Trillion in debt, $1.5 Trillion deficit, $220 Trillion in unfunded liabilities, Voter Fraud (including Obola’s 2nd term), Illegal Alien Invasion, FBI, NSA aiding and abetting ISIS and the moslem bros., Iran’s nuclear program (facilitated by US), ObolaCare, EPA, &c., &c., &c. …

    He stands to lose some swag – he doesn’t give a fuck about the country or its future.

    izlamo delenda est …

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