Look at this lefty idiocy from Viral Nova

I have very bad thoughts when I see things like this.

I can picture the douche who wrote this, with his skinny jeans, greasy hair and ironic glasses, Hope Poster in the background.

I have him by the back of the neck, hovering over a plate of broken glass and used kitty litter. He needs to adequately explain how DDT causes global warming. If he can’t, well… you know how it ends. If he can, I stand corrected.

This picture was included in an article about arcane medical procedures:


Global warming????

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  1. Yes Global Warming, because the rotting corpses of millions of malaria victims give off so much heat.

    Hey, it makes as much sense as anything the left will come up with.

  2. The only side effect of DDT allows baby eagles to crack out of their shell a bit easier to grow up in a world filled with bird killing turbine fields.

  3. Never mind the global warming BS, I’d like to see his research demonstrating DDT as a carcinogen. Because after a quick trip to the hospital library website and a PubMed search, I can’t seem to find anything.

    I can only assume this is independant, unpublished research. Surely, no one at Viral Nova would talk out of their ass about something this fundamental.

  4. Being a libtard means: never having to study, never having to worry about being wrong and never having to say “I am sorry for being such an uneducated rumor monger whose ‘Chicken Little’ view of the world has lead to the deaths of 50,000,000 and counting”.

  5. Actually, since global warming is a front for population control, the skinny jeans wearing hipster with the fedora that wrote this is very accurate. DDT would have allowed millions of Africans to live and reproduce and those racist leftists can’t have that!

    (and I can’t believe you forgot the fedora)

  6. Rachel Carson was for world population control. Here is a quote from fellow scientist that fought for banning DDT:

    My own doubts came when DDT was introduced for civilian use. In Guyana, within two years it had almost eliminated malaria, but at the same time the birth rate had doubled. So my chief quarrel with DDT in hindsight is that it has greatly added to the population problem.
    —Alexander King, cofounder of the Club of Rome

  7. Only thing missing, besides the minor detail of actual proof, is the usual whine that this too was George Bush’s fault. Afterall we all known, that every thing that was wrong, is wrong, or will be wrong in the world is Bush’s fault.

  8. I just re-read a piece about Silent Spring I hadn’t read in years. A very familiar name came up: Paul R. Ehrlich

    The lefty that wrote that piece above was simply being honest.

  9. I have read a lot about Rachel Carson. Menderwoman used to work at the Rachel Carson Reserve in Beaufort NC and I wanted to know who she was…I was horrified when I found out.

  10. @Menderman,

    You are absolutely spot on. The Progressive movement is a death cult that worships human misery, suffering and death. It has been since it’s inception and this is the common thread that ties today’s progressive backer of everything Islamo fascist to yesterday’s backer of the National Socialists as they rose in stature and consolidated their power over post Wiemar Germany.

    If you go back to the 1920’s and 1930’s their literature is chock a block full of praise for Hitler and the Nazis as well as Mussolini and the fascists in Italy.

    Nothing has changed with regard to where their political sympathies lie, they gravitate to and defend the most efficient engines of human misery, suffering and death in each and every era.

    there is and never has been ANY justification for conceding “good intentions” to those who follow this movement, they are evil incarnate and their intentions are and always have been to increase human misery, suffering and death. They don’t have any tenable defense or justification for holding the worldview they do or for backing those regimes and entities they back. History simply does nto allow that as an option. To concede “good intentions” to these people is to enable and embolden them and that makes those who concede good intentions to people who history has shown have nothing but evil hearts makes one guilty of enabling evil to continue and to propagate.

    Do not EVER concede “good intentions” to followers of the Progressive movement, it is never warranted.

    Those who do conceded “good intentions” to Progressives do not have naivety to fall back on as an excuse, willful ignorance is not an excuse and one HAS to be WILLFULLY ignorant in order to be unaware of what Progressives and their worldview has caused in human suffering, misery and death in the last century.

  11. JDHasty, I find those “good intentions” are what sucks in the peripheral people into agreeing with them.

    So, agreed! Never let that slip by.

    Yet, I am drawn to engage my lefty friends only when someone that may be saved from them is present and they are using that tactic. “Just trying to save the ______” whatever.

    I know I’m not going to convert them but I may save a bystander from the idiocy.

    So when they casually throw out propaganda amongst new company, I just state the facts of history and results until they shut themselves up when they start to feel the breeze from their pants being down around their ankles.

    I usually hear the words: Alright, alright, alright spoken quickly and then the subject changes.

  12. The socialist’s plan is pretty simple: kill or abort all those you can, and make the ones you can’t so miserable that eventually they’ll think that life isn’t worth living.

  13. Ticks, bedbugs and mosquitoes are at plaque levels in some places. DDT would have stopped the increasing numbers of these pests long ago.

    Check this out;
    http://youtu.be/kHwqandRTSQ .

    A little difficult finding current info in favor of DDT on the interwebs. Wonder why? -sarc

    @JDHasty, Excellent! @Tim, Wow! that is such a precise definition of socialism. Perfect.

  14. YOU GUYS!!! We’re all going to burn to death in a fiery inferno because of GLOBAL WARMERING!!!!

    Science clearly shows that an increase in CO2 in the atmosphere results in an EXPLOSION of plant growth. This devil plant growth sucks up CO2 and creates OXYGEN!!! Oxygen, by itself is FLAMMABLE!!!! (CAUTION..do not take Biology 101; Astronomy 101; Geology 101) It’s all a lie.

    The earth is NOT a self regulating biosphere!!!

    WE’RE IN CHARGE of the Global Climate now!

    We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for!!!

    Before us the earth limped along…BUT WE’RE HERE NOW!!! WE’RE IN CHARGE!!!

    Perfessor Michael Mann (climate mystic extraordinaire) has proven (well…has decided) that the earth is hiding all the devil heat from the devil Oxygen, created by the devil plant growth…in the oceans!!!


    It’s hiding the heat. It’s saving it up for a massive attack!!! The polar ice caps are growing!!! Exactly the OPPOSITE of what Climate Scien…Mystics predicted. That proves …

    IT’S A TRAP!!!

    Anyday now, the earth will unleash it’s MASSIVE PUNISHMENT on us for being here!!

    The only way to save ourselves is to give all our money to the United Nations, and PROGRESSIVES!!!
    (Cool name…suggests progress)

    Vote Democrat

    …or die in the inferno. You were already taught this in Public School!!! What more do you need?

    You graduated High School, for Gaia’s sake. You learned this from teachers who never studied science in their life. Listen to them. Remember them. Get Warm & Fuzzies. That’s the most important thing. Don’t think about why they became Government employees. Don’t think about a weak human being who seeks a comfortable life, but cannot see anything they have to offer, so they succumb to the siren call of the Unions, who promise them a fantastic salary and pension. They had much to offer, but they took the easy way out. They sold their souls to the Union. DO THE SAME!

    You don’t need to research stuff anymore. Listen to the Siren’s song. Follow, don’t lead. Shhhh…
    It’s alright. You’re not the first. Shhh. Comply. Shhhh. It’s okay. Vote Democrat. You’re the 99%. Forever. Shhhh. It’s okay.

    YOU GUYS!!! Old white men disagree with this!!! They think the Spaghetti Monster in the Sky controls the Global Climate, (and the millions of variables that make up the climate).

    Perfessor Michael Mann used 12 variables to PROVE we’re all gonna die from Global Warmering. He got $500,000 from the 2009 Stimulus. You don’t think Baraq Obama (PBUH) would give that much of Americans’ borrowed money to a charlatan, do you?

    Okay, admittedly, a few hundred Billion went to corrupt union bosses, (TEACHERS, yay!) and several hundred Billion more went to campaign contributors, like Solyndra, who opened phony GREEN companies that filed bankruptcy the day after the check cleared….

    but still…FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND!!! to Perfessor Michael Mann! That proves it!!!

    PLUS…you should be majoring in GLOBAL WARMERING!!!! There’s MILLIONS of jobs waiting for you!!! Not at Solyndra, of course, or Energy One, also bankrupt, after the check cleared; or any of the other 100s of phony Green companies that declared bankruptcy after the Fed check cleared, that YOU get to pay for, but… YOU’RE SMART!!! YOU’RE SPECIAL!!!


    It’s cool. You are the ones we’ve been waiting for…BTW…how long are those fries gonna take? Oh, no pickels on the burger, please.

    This is how we roll! In lockstep to the glorious future promised by our masters. Vote Democrat!

  15. You can clearly see by that picture how deadly DDT is to humans. Seriously, what would it take to be harmed by DDT? It seems like you’d have to put the fucking nozzle in your mouth and suck down the stuff by the gallon.

    Oh, and I’m wondering if the hyperventilating proggo who is so preciously outraged realizes that the woman in the picture was, most likely, recently liberated from a concentration camp and is being treated in overkill fashion to keep her from dying of typhus.

  16. And if the hyperventilating progg-tard wants to know what typhus is, tell him it’s a highly communicable and deadly disease which was capable of killing people by the thousands in a matter of days … but which is no longer a problem because of things like DDT

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