Look at this NAZI

Imagine if this plandemic didn’t have a 98% cure rate. I do believe these assholes would be shooting people dead in the streets.

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  1. They don’t need guns. They need balls. The groovy thing about this is that the enemy is easy to identify. They all war Aussie Cop unies. That’s some fucked up shit. I guess that pussy cop finally found someone he could man handle. Let’s put a shrimp on the barby and go kill some Aussie Nazis. We’ll be reading about that soon.

  2. Is this Australia or Hitler’s Austria?*

    *I pretty much NEVER invoke Hitlerism but it seems pretty appropriate here.

  3. When/if the coof tyranny finally fades into a memory, what’s your prediction for the next government take over? It’s right around the corner from covid. It has to be something we’d all call you a nutjob for, like we would have 2 years ago if you suggested cops would wrestle you down over a mask that you have to wear (versus not wear like a robber).

  4. God Bless this Country.

    God Bless the People in this, still free, beautiful Country.

    It seems although, through many of my years…most of the good people in this world, eventually…END UP…HERE!


  5. @ Petrus SEPTEMBER 25, 2021 AT 8:30 PM

    Listen to the short Jordan Peterson class on the subject. I will go digging for the link and post it. IIRC it is only twelve minutes long.

  6. I always heard many Nazis escaped to South America, but it looks like many went to Australia to propagate the sickness. Hitler would be proud.

  7. Remember the scenes in china when this “pandemic” first started? People rounded up in the streets, jammed into paddy wagons and hauled to who knows where?
    We were shocked, but confident that wouldn’t happen in western countries…

  8. Petrus, yep I’ve learned many people I love will be turning me in if we get to that point.
    On the other side of that coin though, I struggle with if I would help them when we go full socialist because they won’t be feeding themselves.

  9. Most people just want an easy convenient life; one that does not require much if any critical thinking and bravery. Then when you put the compelling need to fit in with the zeitgeist it explained a lot.

  10. We are definitely living in crazy looney tune times.

    Seeing empty shelves again WTF 🤔

    Mom, Dad, Bro, Gram and Gramps you are now in a better place walking with our Lord. 🕊️❤️🙏
    They would be crying tears of dismay for their beloved country, and what the Commie’s are doing to the world in general. 🇺🇸😢

  11. Step back and take a wide view. Very similar physical tyranny has happened in Canada, especially against people simply wanting to go to church. It has happened in select urban areas in this country. Without significant pushback. If people in this country push back with protests, we’re labeled as domestic terrorists. I’m guessing what we’re seeing in Australia will eventually happen here in some locations.

  12. Yup. We need to see A LOT more videos like the one of the construction worker taking out these pigs. You would think Australians have had enough…….

    Miss Kitty……my wife works for a major grocery store chain. She said we need to buy anything we need for holiday food now.

    Stock up on other basics too. And of course, lead.

    This is all being done on purpose.

  13. These people really need to start clobbering the living shit out of these sadistic aussie cops. Un-fucking-believable. That pig had a full 2″ boner from choking that chick.

  14. What a tough guy.
    You think he showed this vid to his kids and bragged?

    “Y’see, mates, if you’re gonna put your hands on someone, make damned sure she’s less than half your size! Tied to a chair is better, of course …”

    izlamo delenda est …

  15. Thanks JD! I love JP.
    ORWW – Have faith. We will not descend into a Socialist state. There has been an ongoing fight, a war actually, behind the scenes. Yes, there was a biological attack but also an information war that has been waged for years. The war is now spilling out into the open. In the next few weeks and months you will become aware of it. Keep the faith!

  16. Follow him home. Have an axe handle/baseball bat party for him. Kill him on his own front steps. Repeat. After a while the word will get out. There is NO other alternative. You’re NOT going to vote their bosses out.

  17. Larry Olsen,
    There is no significant difference between a National Socialist (Nazi) and an Inter-National Socialist (Soviet Communist) or a Progressive (Wilsonian Socialist) or Demonrat (Nazi-ChiCom-Tyranny) regardless of the fictional “jew propaganda.”
    And just as an aside, Jews occupy the political spectrum from Left to Right, Up to Down, Tory to Labor, Conservative to Liberal, and every other set of moderates or extremes you can imagine.
    So give it a rest.

    izlamo delenda est …

  18. white woman wants to infect people with her COVID. I’m against violence against women in any form, but I’ll make an exception in her case. Throttle away, mate.

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