Look! Up In the Sky! It’s a Virtue Signal!

Michelle’s Mirror: If you’re out driving around in your car and a tornado suddenly appears your best bet is to seek refuge in a church. Your second best option? A Chick-fil-A, a temple of another sort. They’ll even let you in through the drive-up window if you need shelter from a storm.

Then again, they are known for their service.

But can you believe it? The staff encouraged them to come in without even asking what their birth-gender was, or how they felt about gay marriage!

This actually happened to a couple in Oklahoma City as a tornado touched down last Friday night. Surveillance footage shows the staff urging the two in a car to get out and come inside. The two then jump out of their car and slither in through the drive-through window. Would I be broadcasting my lack of virtue if I admitted my initial thought was ‘wow, I wish I was that young, thin and lithe’ ?

Speaking of which, I note that Mayor Pete’s position on Chick-fil-A has that hands-across-the-aisle “aw shucks, I’m just a regular guy” type of appeal going on:  MORE


h/t forcibly deranged.

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  1. Americans acting normal again. Helping one another out in a dire situation, all petty grievances put aside and their differences never in the equation.
    Oh, there was no politicians there to convince them why they should hate one another.

  2. As my dear departed Daddy was fond of stating; “in good times, chicken shit matters”. We know that when times are tough, nearly everyone pitches in. Only the grifters and carpetbaggers stay back.
    believe me, if we were all fighting over rats and filthy water, politics and virtue signaling would not mean a thing.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  3. …and then the tornado picked up several cars, a bus and half of a house, hurled it all through the roof of the Chic-fil-A, killing all those patrons and workers trapped inside.

    Make sure and clip the .50 cents off coupon in the Sunday flier.

  4. Stupid computer doesn’t work on auto fill mode at times and I have fill in the blanks, this morning I goofed and spelled geiff instead of Geoff. It did it again but this time I got it right.


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