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Look Who’s Denying Elections Now


The corporate media spent years denying the results of the 2016 presidential election and are already laying the groundwork to question and deny the 2022 mid-term election results.

The election deniers at the far-left Politico, an outlet that pushed the Russia Collusion Hoax like few others, have already published a list of “6 security threats to watch for on Election Day.” The list includes everything from “hacking” to “misinformation.” More

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  1. LocoBlancoSaltine, Abrams’s consolation prize will be a box of 200 donuts. That should get her through the night.

  2. When the D’s win it’s always the most fair and transparent election EVAH. Election fraud only happens when conservatives win. Happens every time (according to the media).

  3. The latest last minute narrative, like the good little media presstitutes they are they asked KJP a dozen questions on this at the WH press conference yesterday so she could spout the election integrity/security narrative a dozen times.

    If they are trying to keep the normals from the polls it will not work because it’s the abnormal who are cowards, us normal Americans will fight Satan himself to vote today. We actually will and are.

    Little Karine Muffinhead also emphasized it will take days to count all the “legal” votes, so they are going to cheat as hard as they can.

    Nevertheless we shall prevail. A couple of hours and I will be crotch kicking Lucifer and his party back to hell.

  4. The Dirty Dems and their media puppets have all but announced they’re going to try to cheat in the same few states.


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