Look who’s using Hillary’s fake black accent

Patriot Retort-

Is it me or does it seem like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is morphing into Hillary Clinton?

She’s just as ethically-challenged as Hillary.

Like Hillary, she blames all her scandals and gaffes on a vast right wing conspiracy.

And now, Alexandria has adopted Hillary’s penchant for talking to black audiences with a fake black accent?  Watch


10 Comments on Look who’s using Hillary’s fake black accent

  1. Bitch needs to be stopped early or she will complete Hillary’s plan to turn America into Cuba. Hillary should have been imprisoned 40 years ago.

  2. Quietly watching this for now. Coiling into striking position. Replenishing venom.
    Beware. Rattlers rattling.

  3. That picture gave me the ‘willies’ and the ´heebie jeebies´at the same time.

    Now all AOC needs is a tounue piercing like the one Hildabeast sported a couple years back and they would be twins.

  4. It made me squeamish when I watched and listened to stupid Hillary when she addressed that black crowd and tried her hardest to talk black.

    It’s the kind of squeamish you get when you see an ass-hole being an ass-hole.

  5. It’s bizarre, isn’t it? To pretend in that milieu. Politicians are all about pretending, but it’s still quite jarring.

    I would be shocked if Enoch Powell started jive talking (especially since he is dead). I would be shocked if Malcolm Little was recorded talking jive. It’s incongruous. Even more, it’s a lie.


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