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Looking For Work/Workers?

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PRESS RELEASE: RedBalloon Legal Releases New Report: The Employee Bill of Rights

8 Comments on Looking For Work/Workers?

  1. How about a customers Bill of rights while we are at it?

    1) You have the right to pick up your own takeout WITHOUT the Interact Machine asking for a Tip of 15%/18%/20% and the media using INFLATION to Pressure you to tip MORE?

    I have no problem tipping for SERVICE but rotating you body 180 deg. and shoving a bag of stuff in my face that has doubled in price is NOT the same thing.

    Sincerely, when I go to the States, the service has always been good. Up here It comes with a stick up their asses and slow as molasses.

  2. I always tell young folks to become your employers best worker, an asset they can rely on. Any worker can earn the trust and respect of their employers if they try hard enough. And that always leads to a better position or an opportunity for a new and better job.

  3. There are, obviously, people dumb enough to (at least) burble, “That might be truthy?”, to the above postings. But… Should you allow them in the same room? As your “Fries. With that?”

  4. I understand the point. Perhaps some people are hesitant to go back to work for employers who will silence them for incorrect views, fire them for not getting jabbed with an experimental “vaccines,” etc.


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