Looks Like Gavin Newsom’s Property Taxes Are Late Again

Townhall: California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom is behind on his property taxes again. Maybe this explains why the governor allowed his Napa Valley winery to stay open but ordered other wineries in the state to close down. 

As RedState’s Jennifer Van Laar reports, the Marin County Tax Collector’s website currently lists Gov. Newsom’s property taxes on his Kentfield estate as delinquent. Newsom did manage to pay his property taxes on his Sacramento mansion this year, but not without racking up a late-payment penalty of some $2,094.15.  

In March, Newsom became the first governor to issue a stay-at-home order in response to the Wuhan coronavirus. A month later, Newsom was praising counties in the state for pledging to cancel penalties on property owners who can’t pay their taxes on time because of the coronavirus.  more

10 Comments on Looks Like Gavin Newsom’s Property Taxes Are Late Again

  1. Oh this is cute. Everyone knows taxes are for the little people, ya know, those who actually work for a living.

  2. the biggest scofflaws in the world are always politicians & lawyers

    then again, most politicians are lawyers, & most lawyers aspire to be politicians

    “the first thing we do, lets kill all the lawyers” ~ ‘Henry VI’, Bill, from Avon

  3. If any of we the peons were late with our taxes, the house would be GONE. How nice for Prince Nephew of Nancy.


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