Looks Like Someone Needs a Snickers Bar!

Shes hysterical. Literally.

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  1. Just trying to make a name for herself nationally. She screwed the pooch with her constitutes in Michigan when she tried to defend impeachment at a town hall she had. Went very poorly for her. Combine that with her second amendment stance and she’s just grasping at straws.

  2. I really couldn’t understand her, but at one point it sounded like she was screaming we’re all going to die, but then later it sounded like she said don’t be scared.

    So I guess I have no idea what she was in a fit about.

  3. I called the Bitches’ both DC and local office, and asked why the gloves? What was the purpose of this considering most POOR people don’t have access to gloves OR masks??!? Hoyer nor anyone else in that Chamber was wearing gloves??? Why her?

    IF she was genuine, and so worried about getting the WhuFlu, she would have had a protective mask and face shield.

    And then why did she go, according to a witness there, and sit next to the Witch Pelosi?

    I told them, it was a STUNT because she ended up sitting next to the Witch not practicing social distance!

    These people need to be verbally ATTACKED and confronted, ONLY because if anything THAT is what they are doing to US(A).

  4. huron, “Different Tim .It’s almost like she was using a straw for more than grasping(snorty snort snort).”

    You made me laugh so hard, my kitty woke up and stared at me!

  5. Haley Stevens, ladies and gentlemen, Haley Stevens, Democrat from Michigan.

    Hopefully, we won’t be hearing anymore from her after November.

  6. Just what the world needs in this time of crisis and madness.

    A calm soothing voice of a confident stable Democrat woman.

  7. How many times did the chairman have to say “the gentle lady is out of order” before he would call the sergeant-at-arms to remove her? Hell, I would have settled for “shut the f*** up, you rancid bitch.”

  8. Oh – she should DEFINITELY be a speaker at the democrap convention this summer. I’d tune in for THAT train wreck!!! 😆 😆 😆

  9. Well, they threw the Constitution out the window with this virus crap so they may as well throw the House rules out the window too.


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