Loomer at it again

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  1. Beer!Dude you gotta go right to the Jack. if I lived closer I’d be over for the cleanup. This is why we all need to start a commune in South Western Montana.

  2. TO BB
    I don’t know enough about Montana; I’ve leaned towards parts of Wyoming or Idaho…but I like the topo and people here enough!

    TO Pinko
    “Soldier’s work” on and off. Though no one’s perfect, she’s really been quite the mix of bridge burner and “mirror mirror on the wall” sort. Gives me the creeps.

  3. p.s. to BB
    Beer is what I had in the fridge when it hit.
    Now, that the stores are open again (even a few sightings of gas tankers…though I’ve had enough to get around), Bourbon is in the eye of my “thirst hurricane”…any brands you’d suggest I try?

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