UPDATE: Loon Stiffs One Of Our Own – IOTW Report

UPDATE: Loon Stiffs One Of Our Own


We have a winner. Eugenia ran the random number generator and came up with THE NUMBER TWO – which was assigned to Sam S.

Congratulations. If for some reason Sam cannot accept the needlepoint we will go to a new number.

Not valid in Guam. Contents may settle when shipping. Batteries not included. Cannot be used as a medical device. Keep away from electromagnets. Stove is hot. Removing sticker voids warrantee. Color lot may vary. California has determined this may cause rickets. Void where prohibited. For ages 6 through adult. Not real butter. Use before 6/26/26. Contains 1% real fruit juice. Right side up^. Can cause numbness. Avoid using heavy machinery. Machine washable. Air dry.


We’ve received quite a bit of feedback, so much so that Eugenia is hard pressed to actually choose someone. So she is going to wait until 5PM ET today and assign a number to each email received (I’ve been forwarding the emails) and use a random number generator to pick the recipient.

I think that is a great solution.

Good luck all.

Eugenia writes-

I have something to give away to an iOTWreport right thinking person, a cross stitch design I did for someone who wanted it for her pending grandchild.  Usually when I quilt, knit or do needlework by request I ask for 1/2 up front, 1/2 on finishing.  I didn’t this time because I have known this woman for 15+ years casually.  Big mistake.

I call to tell her it’s done.  She goes into an obscene tirade about seeing my car with a Trump sticker and the Trump sign on the front lawn.  Blah, blah, blah.


The crazy thing is this woman declares herself to be conservative and a registered ‘R’.  Last election she said she was sitting out because Romney didn’t meet her standards.  Tried to convince her to at least vote against Obozo.  She claims to despise him. After the election I didn’t ask and she didn’t tell.

So here she is swearing at me like a drunken Kennedy because I didn’t vote for ‘the first woman President’ -party affiliation be damned. Crazy like this I do not need in my life.

Fabric size is 24″x18″ and design size is 13″x10″.

Bottom line is she will not pay and doesn’t want it.  I didn’t bother trying to talk to her just hung up. I haven’t sold on eBay in years and really don’t want to find another sales outlet.  I would rather give it away to someone with kids or grandkids or who likes the color/style.  They can frame it or turn it into a pillow.

Looking for a good home—>



Contact bigfurhat.mail@gmail.com if you are interested.

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  1. That is absolutely BEAUTIFUL work Eugenia!

    And tell your “friend” she needs to stop bleeding out of her “whatever.”

  2. Eugenia: Beautiful!!!!!

    Nobody deserves the treatment you got. She sounds like a Lefty. Sounds like she’s got a mental disorder. Same thing.

  3. The regularity of the stitches and subject matter is just lovely. Your “friend” is not worth a fart. Progressives are mentally ill.

  4. That is beautiful AND I can tell you this, I wouldn’t sit for hours creating such a beautiful piece and just give it away. Furthermore, that woman doesn’t deserve anything of beauty because she’s an ugly person – inside and out. If I had a grandchild I would BUY it from you. You do beautiful work.

  5. I’ve always been impressed by someone that has the talent to create a piece of art. If I had a baby coming into my life soon I’d make a bid for this, whoever gets this will treasure it. Nice work.

  6. Thank you all from the heart and thanks Bubba Fur. Today is a rare bad mood day for me yet you are helping lift that mood. Otherwise I would have to drive to Crooked Cuyahoga County, find a flaming libturd and rip their throat out with my teeth. Chomp, chomp. Crazed Trump supporter goes on wild animal spree. Allahu up yours libturds.

    I am hoping a grandparent, parent would like this. If not then JustAL had a great suggestion and I will contact the local VFW which has an annual summer auction.

  7. Exquisite work, Eugenia, better than my Mom’s, and that’s saying something… she was good before Alzheimer came to visit and take her away.

  8. Beautiful work! Etsy is a good place to sell handmade things where people appreciate the hours of labor involved. The woman you have known for 15 years has shown her true colors and she does not deserve to have it even if she pays.

  9. Eugenia — I’m sorry you had such an awful experience with your ‘friend’ of 15 years. You think you know someone and then, BLAM! It almost sounds like the woman was actually looking for some excuse to not pay for your work.

    (You could have beat her to the punch when she declared her vee jay jay politics and said you wouldn’t let such beautiful work go to her EVEN if she paid you!) :-0

  10. Eugenia, I crochet and I get the hard work, skill and time fiber arts take. That is such a lovely project, both the subject and the stitching – truly a work of art. I’m actually glad that an unworthy turd won’t get her hands on it, although I regret your feelings. It would be wonderful for a charity auction you support or for a pregnancy center. It evokes the incredible and overwhelming love we have for our children.

  11. That is beautiful. Ex friend is ugly. Can’t figure out why leftists are all gagga over the first female president but look what they did to Sarah, Condi, Carli Fiorina, Elizabeth Dole, and Michelle Bachman.

  12. I had a lib friend turn on me, suddenly and unexpectedly. I really enjoyed being good friends with her for several years. Then one day, I said the wrong thing and she went off on a long rant.
    It was really disappointing.
    Just scratch her off. You’re menrally healthier without her.

    Love your cross stitch. That takes patience and so much time. How talented you are!

  13. My own sister won’t speak to me after this election.

    All I asked her was, “Does 0bamaCare have a diagnosis code for extreme, election-induced butthurt!” Of course, that was after she called me at 0310 on November 9th and asked, “So, are you HAPPY, now that America is truly screwed?”

  14. “It almost sounds like the woman was actually looking for some excuse to not pay for your work.” Yeah, I think AA has a point.
    I’m sure I buy stuff from lefties all the time. Sometimes it’s obvious, sometimes it’s not.
    But until they say or do something messed up to me, I can ignore it.
    What that woman did to Eugenia was just classless. And judging by how she went off the rails because she wanted a vagina to win, tells me she’s probably a man-hater anyway.
    I don’t understand some women. They want you to stop looking at and legislating their parts because that’s sexist, yet they vote for legislation on behalf of their crotch and demand others pay for that crotch, AND play the victim card on top of all that. Weak bitches.

  15. That is incredibly beautiful! I did some cross-stitching when I was younger and I remember how time-consuming and difficult it was, and I never worked on anything as intricate as that. You are quite an artist. I have six grands with number seven on the way, so I probably fit your give-away plan, but I really think a charity auction is the way to go.

  16. I get a laugh out of the idiots who think birth control is going to be banned. They know it’s bullshit, but hey, as long as it gets you any kind of attention, it’s all good, right?
    We can all agree: No one wants the left making more of themselves. LMAO.

  17. Absolutely gorgeous Eugenia! I’ve never attempted sewing or knitting projects but I certainly admire those who have those excellent skills to make beautiful things. I’m sure it will find a very deserving home where your creation will be properly loved.

    I’ve had a similar experience with a long time friend that I’ve known for 20+ years. It’s disheartening to realize that this person’s love of Hillary far outweighed and was more important that our long time friendship. This election has made people I know say and do the strangest and saddest things. Now I know what’s important to them. Sad.

  18. @ Oil Field….yeah, What’s the buzz about the sister thing?…mine won’t speak to me either and we both came out of the same womb and were raised by the same sets of parents, grand parents and great grand parents. She graduated from CU Boulder, so that’s telling, and e-mails of Trump and Hillary videos that I sent sure didn’t help….OK I knew the videos wouldn’t help and sent them anyway…LOL…

  19. There are some people interested so Br’er Fur says in e-mail. Makes me feel good IOWRers!
    I will wait til around 5:00, assign numbers to those interested and then use a random number generator to choose who receives the xs. That makes it easy for me because it is too hard to choose otherwise. Of course I could cut it in pieces and send a piece to everyone. JK.

  20. And a putrid aside. Just read on Drudge someone kissed St. Hillary’s hand as she entered an event. I may toss lunch in a minute.

  21. We met 15+ years ago when her barn burned down. We provided shelter for some of her animals until a herd of Amish and Mennonite volunteered to rebuild.
    We have been friendly but not close friends. I never expected this lunacy.

    I got a quilting commission 2 weeks ago, not the same person obviously, and this time I asked for and received payment in full upfront. Lesson learned.

  22. @EHD: Craziness like this is why I don’t do political signs or stickers. Granted, in this case you’re kinda better off knowing the person is a moonbat, but it still cost you a lot of time and trouble. Plus you never know when you’re going to run into one that’s destructive and/or violent.

    “Vote at the polls, not in your front yard” is my motto.


  23. Eugenia, this is so beautiful! I’ve attempted cross stitch once. Looked like crap, but it was fun – hehe

    I’ll pray for you to heal.

  24. Eugenia, you are so very talented! It is a lovely piece of work – such intricacy. That woman does not deserve to be graced with such beauty.

  25. Very beautiful needlework, Eugenia. You are very skilled and creative. Great composition too. Hope the person who won the privilege of owning such a well crafted work, really appreciates it.
    Sorry to hear about your encounter with a rabid liberal tool. My own sister did the same to me when she found out I was a conservative years ago (what’s up with these wacked out leftist sisters!?). She called me a traitor. Life goes on despite hateful people. Stay strong – we’re on the winning side.

  26. @Eugenia the Artist
    OK I know nothing about this type art. It is quite pretty though.
    My lovely, talented wife, who does know, looked and said it was a truly amazing work of art with a needle. She was reading over my shoulder, she chortled when the drunken Kennedy came up, my cue to roll the text.
    Good luck to the winner, Jewel advises you to frame it and put the ‘Provenance’ with it.

  27. Beautiful work, and a very, very nice gift for someone deserving.

    The original intended needs to hear “you can’t buy what I sell” at some point. People are nuts, yes?

  28. Beautiful piece! I haven’t read the comments yet, but I am going to visit my Daughter, and her military husband, on Pearl Harbor day that I have not seen in about 4 years and meet my two beautiful granddaughters for the first time ever. If it’s not gone by now, I know they would love it (mostly because your anti Trump friend hates it). I’ll go read the comments now….

    PS: I would be glad to pay a fair price for it.

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