Looters Loot Other Looters

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  1. I know this mall well. I believe it’s in Rich Scotts back yard. Middle to upper income whiteys. Use to be anyway. There’s a couple malls in the Sac area that are now in no go zones. For quite a while nothing but kill and rob whitey. That never seems to make the 5:00.
    The only mall we go to locally is not really that far away. The Galleria in Roseville California. Owned by West-field Malls. Interesting thing about West-Field Malls is they are the only mall I know of that you can legally carry a gun in. So when we torture Brad, and go to the freaken mall, we go to that one. It’s been robbed in gang fashion 3 times in the last week. I told the wife, I’ll go, but I’m not guaranteeing I won’t kill someone. We went to Sportsman’s Warehouse instead.

  2. It’s called savages! So sad to watch. @Toenex, you have it right. Looks like crabs.

    Say your prayers everyday!!

    God Bless us all!

  3. @Conservative Cowgirl: “‘No honor among’ thieves brought to life!”

    Too true! But they would never understand that because they’ve never heard of “honor” and have been thieves their whole lives by way of the govt welfare middle-man.

  4. “Exterminate all the brutes!”

    Joseph Conrad, Heart Of Darkness — a line written by Kurtz.

  5. I can see why Dementia Joe said WHITE supremacy is the #1 issue facing America….and the shit for brains media nodded…..yeah…

  6. @Jethro
    “It’s a good thing they were wearing masks because they got closer than six feet apart.”

    Ain’t enough, we should do more to protect those “people”. How about the law to mandate flashing of “vaccine” passports before invading each others personal space. I’m looking at the big picture here, not a distraction like “sharing” white mans goodies.

  7. Ahhhh, libtards.
    No prosecutions of drug use. Drug use is higher than ever. As are overdoses.
    Refuse to prosecute shoplifting. Shoplifting is out of control.
    Refuse to send illegals back. Illegal invasion is out of control.

    Seeing a definite pattern here!

    Imo it’s all part of trying to collapse the country.

  8. Maybe they were good citizens, taking the plunder from the thrives so they could return it to it’s rightful owner?

    Haha. Sometimes I crack myself up.

  9. Why didn’t they just call the police when someone was taking their stuff?
    I’m sure the thought crossed their mind, they are that entitled .


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