Looting Breaks Out In Italy

Italy skipped the ‘breadlines’ Bernie Sanders loves so much, and went straight to looting.


NeonNettle: Looting has begun to break out in Italy, prompting armed police to start guarding stores, according to reports.

After weeks of lockdown, in the country hardest hit by the deadly Chinese coronavirus, Italian residents are becoming frustrated and civil unrest is brewing.

On the island of Sicily, police armed with guns and batons are now guarding grocery stores and markets.

Locals, who can longer afford to feed themselves, have started loot stores and carry out planned raids just to get food. READ MORE

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  1. You have to remember that this is a country where the norm for many folks was shopping every day for their meals. At least thats what my mom told me after visiting over there. I guess they don’t stock pantries in the same sense we do here.

  2. shades of NYC!!!

    now that Cumho is hording medical supplies for the black market & DeBlasio is becoming the Imperator of NYC … & New Yorkers getting their meals from outside every day … just wait, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

  3. Coming soon to a democrat run shithole near you. Of course, the communist turds will try to use this as an excuse to declare martial law, and disarm everyone in the whole state.

  4. Oh how the left is pushing for that chaos In America. Then they will really show their power. All hell is an instant away, as we sit complacently in our rabbit holes.

    Cities and States arresting people for going out, gathering, some even curtailing shopping and dictating what ‘big box stores’ can sell Letting criminals go from jail, policing not criminal activities, but breaking up a crowd at a birthday party. Hang on!

  5. @the dirtball April 1, 2020 at 10:48 pm

    > Coming soon to a democrat run shithole near you. Of course, the communist turds will try to use this as an excuse to declare martial law, and disarm everyone in the whole state.

    Gun owners? Well regulated gun owners? Living in a shithole?

    You do realize, that that is the very definition of “just hoarding”? Don’t you?

  6. @Mm April 1, 2020 at 11:30 pm

    > All hell is an instant away, as we sit complacently in our rabbit holes.

    (places finger to side of nose)

    True. Because Hell always was the rabbit hole.

  7. Toronto:

    General Crime, Violence, speeding, DUI are all down.

    Break & Enter at businesses are all up quite a bit
    (unattended stores)

    But it will get worse eventually.

  8. Yes. It will get worse. Soon people will be eating the brains of the living and the sun will explode.

    Mormons will enter heaven and all other religions will be consigned to everlasting torment in the lake of fire.

    Humankind will become enslaved by the underground kingdom of the mole people. Life expectancy will drop to 5 minutes.

    Roaming hoards of giant plague bearing insects will devour the living while crapping out toxic balls of flaming Hillary shaped dung balls.

    The Lord will catch you masturbating.

    There is no hope for the future.

    Spread doom and gloom. Make others as miserable as you are inside. There is nothing more important than whats going on between your ears.

    Man… I should really get back into writing for children’s television shows.

  9. Uh, Aaron…

    ‘At’sa story o’ my life…

    Gettin’ kinda personal there, ya know, bro….



  10. @Aaron
    No, all kidding aside, that is funnier than anything happening on late night US TV today.

    Well done, sir. I had to read it twice before I realized that I had to read it four more times. Funnier than fak, seriously!

    Thanks for the laughs!

  11. I do not give a cold turd what anyone thinks about this article because the basic FACT that is forgotten in all the bed-wetting commentary about this from the linked site is that when you are forced to stay at home and watch your children starve to death people will shed ALL restraints imposed by civilization and kill in order to feed their young and no matter how much they push the party line of how “essential” the commie grubbermints lock-down is while not taking care of their citizens is going to lead to full blown deadly riots.

    Blame the cartels…. the mafia…. the tourists…. the unconvinced citizens…. bottom line:

    either provide the basic necessities of life or face the angry mobs carrying pitchforks and torches!

  12. heck that’s nothing
    i’ve seen videos of Americans looting in I thinks it’s oregon or washington state since before the virus hit.
    didn’t they change the law that the police won’t arrest anyone stealing if it’s less than $900 ?

    democrats are again ahead of the curve

  13. They’ve been looting the European Union for decades, so this shouldn’t surprise anyone. All those magnificent freeways and roundabouts built with loans from Germany, France and the United Kingdom that will never be repaid are just a form of Reparations for all those wars the Italians lost at some time.

  14. Gee, Burr, I’m OK with all that … except the “catch me ” … uhh … y’know … that’d be kinda embarrassing …

    izlamo delenda est …

  15. Italians are rude. I was once in a crowd that was trying to buy items at an Italian train station. Everyone was was pushing and cutting in front of each other. I yelled (in English) “Stand in line!” and everyone obediently formed a line. They were just waiting for some fascist to make order out of chaos.


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