Lord Conyers, the Earl of Detroit, bequeaths his peerage to his son

Patriot Retort:

Well, if there was any question as to whether John Conyers thinks of his elected office as an Earldom, there isn’t anymore.

Today Lord Conyers announced that he would not run for reelection. Instead, he endorsed his son — the Viscount of Motor City — to replace him.

Aren’t you glad we had a revolution to get rid of a royal aristocracy?

Lord Conyers doesn’t see himself as a citizen legislator or a temporary politician.

But that’s hardly a surprise. The man has been in Congress for more than half a century.

This is not in any way what our Founders intended. If it were, why bother getting out from under England?

And by presuming that he can pass his title down to his son like it’s his own peerage, Lord Conyers is revealing his own nauseating hubris.  read more

11 Comments on Lord Conyers, the Earl of Detroit, bequeaths his peerage to his son

  1. Typical thinking of the aristocratic congress. That is exactly how Mitch McConnell can say, Moore may be elected, but I won’t seat him!

    Deplorables/serfs, what more do we need to realize TERM LIMITS must be instigated?

  2. Well, I hope you all caught the kids tweets. “My Dads a Playa”. Celebrating the fact that his dads finger stinks. For the people, by the people.

  3. Russell kirk is rolling over in his grave knowing that the Detroit of his youth is totally worthless now. Conyers and his spawn are lowlifes of the lowest kind ruling over a fiefdom of even dumber lofos who keep voting for them in perpetuity because they be black and bring them all sorts of cheap baubles and beads and gewgaws and gimcracks like EBT cards, welfare etc.. Woo haw, isn’t it nice to be so stupid?

  4. And I thought that soul music, disco sucked back in the 70’s. Hip hop/rap sucks far worse, it’s not music, nothing but pure angry garbage. However, saying that I do like older rhythm and blues, just plain blues music, jazz and the music of a lot of the black musicians of the 50’s and 60’s. Their new stuff like most pop music is drivel destined to be forgotten as soon as the new top 40 list is announced. The old music of earlier generations of black musicians will endure forever, hip hop/ rap will be totally forgotten.

  5. Soooooooo … what’s his kid? 70?

    Detroit! The Bland leading the Blind. Haven’t been fucked enough?
    Still got a few dollars left? Need a little more “luvin?”

    Bend over, Detroit! Get ready to take it Fast and Hard! From Behind!

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. “It’s always about money. When you think it’s about something else, you’re wrong, it’s about money.”

    I’ve never owned a slave, none of my ancestors ever owned slaves. But 3 generations of us now have paid federal income taxes that have been redistributed, and support a government that has spent even more money than it ever printed, to financially support the immoral, the lazy, the thieves, the losers, the ones who harm society.
    Enough. Cut off the money. Conyers wouldn’t be so arrogant if he were broke. His supporters wouldn’t support him if he weren’t their sugar daddy. His son should be frying potatoes not rapping vile nonsense.
    Release the force of gravity and these suspended particles will rightly settle to the bottom of the ocean via the public septic systems.

  7. Al Franken either must not have a son, or there’s rampant racism in congress by only having Conyers resign because he’s black, and not a fish-lipped white boy like Franken.

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