Los Angeles: After Spending $25B on Welfare –

homeless in la county

Homelessness up 20%

SNIP: Ta hell?


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  1. Whenever the government wants more of something, they subsidize it.
    It usually works, and obviously it did in this case.

  2. After we landed on the moon I thought we’d be on Mars by 2000………….but the DEMOCRATS with a little help from the repubs created generations of welfare state!!! THis is mostly the DEMONCRATS fault …. The girl is an Obama voter if at all……

  3. Is Thanksgiving and Xmas the only time homeless people are hungry? The food drives start Nov. 1, and they end December 26. I am constantly bombarded every where I go to feed the homeless, give money ( I already do, the government confiscates it from me), and a grocery store here says whatever I give they’ll match it. Well, when do I start getting my food for free? The cashiers have quit asking me, they already know what the answer is. My fathers use to say “break their dinner plate” and see how fast they get a job. My dad was a Democrat!

  4. Q: What do you get when you spend $25 billion on helping end homelessness?

    A: 20% more homeless people.

    Say, maybe flooding the country with illegal aliens from latin america and terrorists from the middle east, during a de facto depression is a horrifically bad idea?

    I suppose that is why it is being done.


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