Los Angeles Has Open-Air Fentanyl Markets and Samurai Sword-Wielding Homeless – IOTW Report

Los Angeles Has Open-Air Fentanyl Markets and Samurai Sword-Wielding Homeless

Red State: On Saturday afternoon, a business owner in his 50s was stabbed to death during an attempted robbery on the streets of downtown Los Angeles. Two teens were taken into custody. Unfortunately, this type of story has become all too common in the City of Angels, and in this report, we discuss how criminals have taken over formerly safe neighborhoods and businesses.

RedState recently brought you the saga of Sherman Oaks, California restaurant owner Paul Scrivano, whose Blue Dog Beer Tavern has been plagued by aggressive homeless people right outside his business who expose themselves, defecate in the street, and even throw feces at him. Scrivano has long felt that the Los Angeles City Councilwoman who serves his district, Nithya Raman, has done nothing to help.

Sherman Oaks is an upscale area of Los Angeles where the median home price is $1.6 million (a whopping $500 to $800 per square foot!)

Scrivano’s story made national news, but he isn’t the only person experiencing this hell. Take the plight of Angela Marsden, the Los Angeles bar owner who, it seems, the City and County of LA are desperate to put out of business. Why do I say that? Because during the pandemic, they forced her to shutter her doors and her outdoor dining area, yet they let a movie production use the parking lot for catering. Her tear-filled video stunned the nation as it exposed the hypocrisy and deviousness of California’s COVID policies:

Since COVID has become endemic and life has largely returned to normal, do you think Angela’s life has gotten any easier? Nope. Now she’s plagued by violent homeless people who harass her patrons and staff while the same local government that’s ignored Paul Scrivano’s challenges turns a blind eye. more

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  1. Spray bottles filled with Clorox/bleach. Takes care of germs no matter what their size, shape, or color.
    Or, if the store/business/restaurant/bar owner doesn’t want to get slammed for “taking out the trash”, give a “wink and a nod” to a friend/passerby to do the deed (details to be worked out between themselves late at night in a quiet non-camera location)

  2. There seems to be an endless number of self-described ‘leaders’ that need to be eliminated from society.

  3. Once “progressivism” is accepted as legitimate and “progressives” achieve critical mass and gain control and are able to implement their agenda if there is even one single example of when this happens increased innocent human suffering, misery and death doesn’t ultimately follow they cannot cite any such example.

    This is not unique to Los Angeles, it is what anyone with any awareness whatsoever expects to happen.

    And yes, the proponents fully expect for increased suffering misery and death to follow. No one can concede good intentions to the followers of a political philosophy that has produced nothing that even vaguely resembles what their stated goals are. Ever.

  4. Send the worthless bums to Portland, they’d fit right in. Mayor Wheeler is especially fond of them. Doubles his chances on Saturday night. Portland citizens would never notice and you can count on them to vote for every tax measure dedicated to bums.

  5. Perhaps they should commandeer a Greyhound and drop their crazy asses off on the mayor’s front lawn.

    It’s not people in need of a place to stay doing crazy shit.

    It’s less likely the people with actual mental problems causing problems.

    It’s the burnout drug addicts who were high every day since 5th grade and their brains are irreparable.

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  7. I can’t believe someone has not already got the idea of going to local businesses and homes and telling people he is selling private security and will guarantee the bums will find another place to live for a reasonable monthly fee. Then go out and find a group of high testosterone/ extreme alpha males and by night give every single bum an offer they can’t refuse with regards to relocating.

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    Iternet’s Fine, but I could use a B.J. while I watch TV.

    Just give me a minute to finish using the “Outdoor John”.

  9. I for one, welcome the new resurgence Samurai Culture.

    Just convince them of the beauty & Honour of Seppuku/Hara-kiri.
    (great benefit to society)

  10. I would never advocate violence, but it seems those drug-dealing RVs would be vulnerable to a malotov cocktail attack.

  11. Kcir,
    Except that those traditions are done to maintain honor. And these people have NO honor.

  12. This and more is what that-guy Gavin Newsom is offering and much more, including his previous black-face paint mocking and ridiculing black-brown folks.

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