Los Angeles is a Sh*thole

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  1. Sh*thole? It’s actually WORSE.

    Unless you’ve seen what has become of the streets of Los Angeles (EVERYWHERE in Los Angeles) you cannot comprehend the effects of the invasion by mentally ill,violent people (many of them criminal, too) that the city has done NOTHING about. The police have been rendered impotent.

    Worse part? This will NEVER go away. The corrupt morons running the LA government seem to thing that housing these people will suddenly turn them into responsible citizens. It’s the opposite: wherever they house them will turn into a crime-infested, disease-infested rathole requring police and fire responses all day long.

  2. LA WAS a shithole when we were there ONCE for a couple of hours in ’95. Wanted to get out as much as I thought I wanted to see.

    “Whenever you get there (in LA case) there is no there…there” – Gertrude Stein

  3. The PIG
    who made SF a shithole
    Is now making all of


    A Shithole

    And the MSM and the rest of the


    Thinks that’s OK .

    And this PIG is
    presidential material ?

  4. I thought LA was a shithole when I left there in ’74, but it is several orders of magnitude worse now. It was a great place to grow up in the 50s and 60s, though.

  5. Lived there 68 to 88. Hollywood, the valley.
    Watched it all going down. Traffic was what did it for me.
    I ditched another town in AZ for that same reason.
    Now it’s getting crowded around here.
    It’s time to annex Greenland so I have got some frontier to think about

  6. The biggest problem I see, is that LA is SUCH a shithole, that 4 million people want out. And when they do, they are heading to YOUR hometown. And bringing their stupid left-wing votes with them.

  7. Remember these names: complete fucking idiots, complete losers, complete democrats – every one of them:

    Mayor of LA: Eric Garcetti.

    The city councilmen:

    1 Gilbert Cedillo
    2 Paul Krekorian
    3 Bob Blumenfield
    4 David E. Ryu
    5 Paul Koretz
    6 Nury Martinez
    7 Monica Rodriguez
    8 Marqueece Harris-Dawson
    9 Curren D. Price, Jr.
    10 Herb J. Wesson, Jr.
    11 Mike Bonin
    12 Greig Smith
    13 Mitch O’Farrell
    14 Jose Huizar
    15 Joe Buscaino

    The LA Congress-idiots:

    23 Kevin McCarthy (R)
    25 Katie Hill (D)
    26 Julia Brownley (D)
    27 Judy Chu (D)
    28 Adam B. Schiff (D)
    29 Tony Cardenas (D)
    30 Brad Sherman (D)
    32 Grace F. Napolitano (D)
    33 Ted Lieu (D)
    34 Jimmy Gomez (D)
    35 Norma Torres (D)
    37 Karen R. Bass (D)
    38 Linda T. Sanchez (D)
    39 Gil Cisneros (D)
    40 Lucille Roybal-Allard (D)
    43 Maxine Waters (D)
    44 Nanette Barragan (D)
    47 Alan Lowenthal (D)

  8. Nice in 2015. Bad in 2019. What happened you say? Trump. You want LA to be clean? Impeach trump and put in Hillary and then Elizabeth Warren.


    Democrats want there to be social unrest at all costs. The pot consists of homeless, illegals, easy access to drugs, crime, now disease.

    You can’t make the “progress” you want if people are fat and happy.

  10. I was born in L A.
    I remember being able to see the surrounding mountains that make LA a basin.
    I remember walking ‘Downtown’, then home.
    I remember, ‘come home when the street lights come on’.
    I remember unlocked doors.
    I remember walking home from school.
    ……….of course I am very, very old


  11. I remember a country where only women wore dresses…
    where kids were taught to respect the flag, elders, and religious beliefs…
    where there were only 3 genders – male, female, abominations…
    where homeless people were pitied and labeled abby-normal…
    when the color of your skin wasn’t am excuse for bad manners (white or black)…
    when most immigration was legal and people respected borders…
    and kids stood a chance of being born.

    What happened America?
    Did Americans begin to take America for granted?
    Did Americans forget that freedom requires sweat equity?
    Or politicians become greedy?

    Our government sucks because we have allowed it to become an uncaring out of touch monster who no longer upholds life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness… rather he who controls the media and information wins.

    1984 became 2004 and led to obomination!

    I fear Trump is losing the battle for sanity, truth, and justice in our time and we;re all headed for the trash heap civilization.

  12. democRATs OWN this 100% Lock, Stock and Barrel!
    They can’t blame this on Trump.
    Oh wait… they can if you turn on ABC, NBC, CNN, etc…

  13. Here’s an idea…. start a campaign to Make LA Great Again!
    That’ll drive the Liberal Progs nuts cuz they can’t be for it and they can’t be against it, but what it will do is expose Liberal Progressive Communists for whut they really are!

  14. You all sound like you didn’t buy enough ammo.
    It’s purt near nut-cutting time.
    If you’re not yet prepared, put the keyboard down. It’s inevitable


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