Los Angeles learns it can have all the homelessness it wants to pay for

American Thinker: 

As homelessness explodes in America’s blue cities, something’s getting harder to harder to hide now: the curious rise of homelessness spending, which, counter-intuitively, seems to be making the homelessness problem worse.

In Los Angeles, it’s getting pretty bad, according to Time magazine.

Homelessness in the city of Los Angeles has increased an estimated 16% since 2018, according to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA), an agency that oversees government funds for homeless services in Los Angeles County.

LAHSA also reported an estimated 12% increase in homelessness since last year in Los Angeles County.

In a place as big as Los Angeles, that’s tens of thousands of people, as the article notes.  Here’s the thing, though:

The uptick comes two years into a local 10-year initiative to aid people in need, which includes investments of about $355 million annually, along with a $1.2 billion investment by the city, to build thousands of supportive housing units over the course of the next decade.

That’s weird stuff, given that the money is being shelled out supposedly to halt homelessness.  That’s some mission they’ve got there, now that the homeless population has expanded.  more here

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  1. It is not counter-intuitive. If you give away free stuff you will get more people coming to get some. Why not try giving people a place to live if they come and work for it? If Los Angeles did that the homeless would clear out in no time.

    The last mayor of Vancouver first ran saying he would end homelessness by 2015. he served t2o terms and is now out of office. No, he did not end homelessness in Vancouver.

  2. @RadioMattM:

    If you give away free stuff you will get more people coming to get some.

    Exactly right.
    If you subsidize anything, you’ll get more of it.

  3. Speaking as a Canadian, homelessness is an issue in the warmer cities of the country. In places like Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg, it goes to -40C in the winter – people die living on the streets. I notice that the red cities in the USA are also located in colder climates (perhaps it is different for Texas). Just something which I have noticed over the decades.

  4. Use the money to pay for mental asylums, Veteran care centers, build giant poorhouses and put the ne’r do well’s in there and let them farm off their debt to society

  5. Nationwide homeless counts have dropped about 14% from 2007 to 2017 (650k down to 550k). But they are higher in L.A. and San Francisco. Like everything the Left ‘tries’ to reduce it just ends up increasing. Not sure whether that is a bug or a feature to them.
    Inviting millions of illegals in and giving them financial support doesn’t help either.

  6. 10-15 years ago a homeless person died of exposure on Christmas Eve in Vancouver. Of course that brought the calls for more spending on the homeless.

    What many of the homeless “advocates” did not want to acknowledge was that emergency services had talked with the person three or four times earlier in the evening. They wanted to get him off the street and into someplace warm but he refused. If he didn’t want to go, they could not force him. But giving more money to fight homelessness will solve the problem.

    What I do not understand is how we give people the right to make such decisions for themselves but then hold “society” responsible when it turns out the decision was a poor one. Society has no say in the matter but is responsible for the consequences.

  7. I wonder if LAHSA imply needed a 16% increase in graft and corruption…..
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  8. Western U.S. red cities love L.A. and Faggotville liberals. If those clueless air headed liberals were not vacuuming up so many bums, our cities would have bum problems too. So, THANK YOU L.A. and Faggotville liberals.

  9. Just call ’em whut they really are: democRAT Voter farms.
    democRATs import them, feed them and give them free health care.
    Welcome to the 21st Century slaves!

  10. Add Fran Sancisco to the list

    That’s the city that Navin Goose’m screwed up

    Now he’s working on the rest of Falicornia.

  11. ‘Use the money to pay for mental asylums’. Thought the same thing ‘little off topic however’ when decided to try and watch the ‘local 6 ‘o’clock news last eve.
    “Our Top Story tonight is the Gay Pride Parade!’
    Had to surf other channels that pointed out multiple local Bank Robbery sprees, 5 overnight gunshot incidents with 2 fatalities instead of the NBC endorse opening 4 minutes of the ‘Gay Pride Parade’.
    Now getting back on topic,,,’Use the money to pay for mental asylums’ instead of using ‘Breaking News’ for the ‘Gay Pride Parade’, All 4 minutes of it promoting not gay pride, just demonstrating true mental illness.
    Thanks NBC, the more you know network,,
    The less I watch,,


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