Los Angeles Passes Measure Cracking Down on Homeless Tents

Headline USA:  The Los Angeles City Council passed a sweeping anti-camping measure Thursday to remove widespread homeless encampments that have become an eyesore across the city.

The measure was billed as a compassionate approach to get people off streets and restore access to public spaces in the city with nation’s second-largest homeless population, though critics said it would criminalize the problem. more here

12 Comments on Los Angeles Passes Measure Cracking Down on Homeless Tents

  1. Can social workers write tickets for illegal tenting? Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. Yes. They are cracking down on Homeless tents that are not wheelchair accessible with a fire escape & a gender neutral Shit Bucket.

  3. Yes, they’re going to bus the homeless to the suburbs and to Oakland, and Nancy Pelosi’s vineyard. heh I was kidding about the vineyard.

  4. Sure, outlaw tents just when higher costs and inflation are about to toss more of us out of our homes.

  5. …they did this crap in Cincinnati when the neckbeards kicked out the homeless so they could have riverfront condos and a “walking city” complete with a open air drinking area al a The French Quarter.

    “With the Cincinnati Music Festival taking place at Paul Brown Stadium this weekend, the city wanted the homeless to move out from under a bridge at Third Street and Plum.”

    “After workers cleaned out the homeless camp on Third Street on Friday, Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley issued a statement saying it was “unacceptable that individuals and activists continue to illegally camp with tents in the right-of-way.””

    Mayor Cranley’s a Dem, BTW. It’s OK when THEY do it.

    Dems like homeless, as long as it serves their purposes.

    Otherwise, it’s got ta GO if it interferes with THEIR pleasures…

  6. Today a homeless bum asked me for some free stuff so I gave him some free advice: “Move to California and get all the free you want”!

  7. Send the bums to Portland, they’d fit right in. Many of them could get elected. Mayor Ted Wheeler and the City Council are all for recruiting homeless bums. Drug addled, moon barking, pants poopin’ Biden impersonators make the mayor and city council look good.


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